Why The Continued Existence Of Nigeria As A United Entity?

Written by Solomon Iwejuo
Family writers press.

The happenings in Nigeria since creation has continued to raise unending questions as to why the country be allowed to exist.

The life of ordinary people on the street is asking why? The graduates are also asking why?  The traders are not left out. Mr President, governors, senators and my honourables when will the best come?  Nelson Mandela in one of his speeches said and I quote " man's environment defines his  fortunes" .

This simply means that in your environment, there is something beneficial there. Concerned Nigerians are asking why? The graduates including the undergraduates are asking why. Nigeria remains the only country that cannot count for the natural resources deposited in her country. Jacob Zuma of South Africa before his resignation as the president said and I quote " The people of South Africa know what they want and what they want is within their environment, to me their wishes are  my concern "   After rejecting the national award bestowed on him by the then president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo , Chinua Achebe in one of his interviews he granted to an American journalist on why he rejected the national award, I quote " My people in Nigeria are being punished because of their natural blessings " Then my question is , what are the natural blessings Chinua Achebe was referring to? Perhaps the crude oil, gas or talents. In other words, Chinua Achebe was asking  why the existence of one Nigeria ? Nobody is happy in Nigeria even the so called politicians.

Theophilous Danjuma angry voiced out and I quote " Defend yourselves" Nigerian armed forces are helping  the killer herdsmen you do not have  any place to go ".





It is on record that since Buhari took over from Good luck Jonathan unlawful killings are uncountable, the bloods are following on the street every day and nobody talks or even cares to ask why one Nigeria?  A reliable statistics shows that for over 16 years now no company with five hundred employable capacity has been established in Nigeria. With this statistics,  Nigeria is good as a failed country moving with external aids.

The country Nigeria has become a play ground where the best picks the ball from the sides of the pitch. Professor Chukwuma  Soludo former central bank governor opined that  Nigeria resources are untapped as a result  of laziness, corruption,  tribalism, hatred and power tussle " if these are true, why then one, indivisible entity according to our self serving leaders? In Nigeria,  engineers are class room teachers, keke drivers or taxi drivers some even work in banks doing accounting jobs oh my God! The moving businesses in Nigeria are mortuaries , church businesses and selling of human parts for rituals. In his own statement, the current deputy Senate of Nigeria, professor Ike Ekweremmadu said I quote " Nigeria is practicing a democracy known as filling bottle that looks like breastfeeding  government." which implies that some parts in Nigeria are parasites who depend on others to survive. All these indices points out that something urgent need to be done to salvage the situation, which is obviously will be a peaceful dissolution of the entity to allow the indigenous people chat a new course that can better the people.  Anyone doing otherwise is obviously prolonging the dooms day.

Ogbuanya Chikezie N.
For Family Writers Press



Why The Continued Existence Of Nigeria As A United Entity?

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