What The World Don't Know About Nigeria


Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International
18th November 2019

There is a time in the life of people that they ought to start telling themselves the truth. And I think for the people trapped in Nigeria, the time is now.

The question of who is a Nigerian, is a question that those calling themselves Nigerians have not truly answered. In Nigeria, no one is patriotic to Nigeria, rather they are patriotic to their different regions and tribal origin. The Northerners are loyal to the North, West to the West and Easterners to the East. No one is truly a Nigerian. A country that no one is truly patriotic to should not stand.

Why do the Fulani defend One Nigeria? The answer is simple. They are currently lording it over others. The country is structured in a way that everything is in their hands. They take the lionshare in the allocation and job recruitment. They have perfect grip on the northerners, including the entire nation. With the outrageous number they arrogated on themselves through falsification of censuses, they maintain the highest LGAs, giving them edge over others in the legislature, both upper and lower chambers. As it stands, nothing can be passed in the Senate or House of Representatives without the support of northern lawmakers. This is why when you mention restructuring, a Fulani man that doesn't believe in the rule of law will ask you to take your case to the National  Assembly. He perfectly understands that right there, they will kill any bill against the interest of the North. They got the number. Lots of people don't know that Restructuring is against the interest of the North. The North don't want division and restructuring because any of them will liberate those they conspired with Britain and held hostage for decades.

The Yoruba or should I say the Oduduwa people know that Nigeria is not working. They understand that it is better and more plausible for the components of this divided country to go their separate ways. They know that there is no way oil and water can mix. In fact, they know that Obafemi Awolowo was right when he said that Nigeria is just a mere geographical expression. They know that the people trapped in Nigeria can develop more when absolute freedom is attained. But they won't support it. Awolowo that believed Nigeria shouldn't be one, in 1967 opted to join the Fulani to force Biafrans back to the same Nigeria he believed should not be one. Tinubu in 2015, led the Yoruba to support the Fulani in kicking out president Goodluck Jonathan. Even in the history of Nigeria, Yoruba is always seen supporting and aligning with the Fulani.
The reason is simple. The Yoruba gets more from the Fulani who lords it over others. The Fulani gives them leftovers for them to keep supporting them in their atrocities. That's exactly how they got the seaports and a thriving Lagos city. And they are pushing it harder to gain 2023 presidency. Nigeria can burn, provided the Fulani loves them more than they do other slaves from the South.

The Igbo and other Easterners have vehemently rejected Nigeria. In 1967, they walked out of this suffocating Union, and they are still here fighting to restore Biafra. Majority of Ndi Igbo have no single believe in One Nigeria. Apart from the political elites who enjoy little peanuts from the Fulani, to keep Nigeria One. Every other person want an end to one Nigeria. Ndi Igbo and other Easterners believe they have what it takes to create a world class country for themselves, without clog on the wheel called One Nigeria.

You can deduce from the above that Nigeria is never One, shouldn't be One and can never be One. Those forcing unity on people trapped inside Nigeria are pushing the people into an avoidable bloodbath. The killings, marginalization, corruption and human rights abuses going on in Nigeria are signs that the British establishment shouldn't be one. That is why Nigeria soldiers always gun down peaceful protesters. They are there to kill Nigerians and force them to remain One Nigeria. Protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria for them is killing people demanding for self determination through referendum. The world should be made to understand that a divided Nigeria through referendum will save the people from drifting into chaos.

It is a matter of time before Nigerians start killing themselves under the heavy weights of religious, tribal and ethnic differences.

Elochukwu Ohagi is  philosopher, Teacher and Activist.
Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.


How Nigeria Bought Over The World With Lies And Money

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Addressing from US Senate Chamber

We went to the USA seeing very important people. The same thing they were telling us in Geneva was what they were telling us. They said to us, you have not come before, this is the very first time we are hearing about it. Are you telling us that all these things are happening in Nigeria? I said of course Yes. Because the Zoo (Nigeria) went out and bought over all the mainstream Media around the World, they give them money. They engage very powerful consultants.

Do you know what a Journalist told me in the US? He said that they wouldn't want to fall fowl of the Nigeria Government. And I asked him, are you telling me that Nigeria has that clout? He said, yes, yes, of course they do. And I said who told you? Then they started to mention the Lobbyists working for the Zoo, giving the impression that the Zoo Nigeria is one giant Country in Africa that can do and undo.

Do you know how Nigeria threatens Foreign countries not to support IPOB and Biafra and to support this notion that the breakup of the Zoo will lead to a wider configuration, will lead to wider regionalism. Which are all lies, of course. Do you know what they tell them? In Sweden, in Norway, the Zoo will go and tell them, IF YOU SUPPORT ANYTHING THAT LEADS OR MAY LIKELY LEAD TO THE DISINTEGRATION OF THE ZOO CALLED NIGERIA, THEN WE WILL USE OUR CONSIDERABLE INFLUENCE IN THE AU, TO MAKE SURE THAT WE OSTRACIZE YOU DIPLOMATICALLY ACROSS AFRICAN COUNTRIES. Nigeria is giving them the impression that they are the ones that controls the AU.

Do you see where we are going? Do you now understand the enormity of the task before us? Some people think that if you just wake up one morning and weigh the magic wand, somehow, miraculously BIAFRA will emerge but look in our homes and, in our villages, are we behaving like people are prepared for the coming of a new Nation? Are we behaving like people who are now ready to accept this new Nation? Some of you have not asked yourselves this question.

A few days ago, the British High Commissioner travelled to some States in BIAFRA Land.  Has anyone bothered to ask or find out what was the response of the Government (Governors) to this very woman when she came? Have you bothered to ask yourself that very question? The answer is NO. Are you telling me that any Governor, let us be realistic knowing fully well that Britain is the main supporter and direct beneficiary of the Zoo (Nigeria), are you telling me that any Governor will stand up and say to the woman: "My Dear Woman, we are fed up with Nigeria, we want to go" is that what you are telling me? She will go back and tell the Caliphate and they will plot how to remove that very person by impeachment overnight. The deputy Governor will say, "Oh it is the turn of my village and the villagers will rise up and say it is our turn, let's impeach him". That's what some of these Governors are going through. Of course, I know but I insist that they must rise above it. They must rise above it, some of them that have conscience.

We travelled all over the World, we are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that the world understands our plight because before they killed 3.6 million of us between 1966 and 1970, they made sure there was media blackout. No one knew what was happening.

Have you actually tried to investigate and research the response of the International Community? Anytime the mainstream media all over the world focus and concentrate on a particular news? Only just a few days ago the ICC issued indictments. ICC, has issued indictment recently but look at the killings of our people going on, every blessed day. The massacre of the Shi'ite, the massacre of IPOB. Not up to one hundredth of what the others suffered but today they are getting Justice via the ICC but not us. Have ever asked yourself why Rwanda is all over the place? Have you asked yourself why is it that despite the evil that this very cabal in Aso-rock represent, the whole world have turned a blind eye? For two reasons, this is what they tell us. These are the areas our people must understand, focus and concentrate and use a common sense to approach it. NIGERIA is lying to them that they are the giant of Africa that they are the stabilizer of West Africa, that should there be any DISINTEGRATION that the United Nations would not be able to raise enough Peace keepers to keep 350,000 warring ethnic tribes together. That is the lie they are telling them. In other words, the Fulani cabal with the help of the British is selling this falsehood. That any attempt to break up Nigeria would mean that the Igbera people will be fighting the Oduduwa, Oduduwa will be fighting the Isoko, the Isoko will be fighting Itsekiri, Itsekiri will be fighting Benin, Benin will be fighting Idoma.

Do you see their lies? Believe it or not from all our travels, all these lies because they go and pick these very influential researchers and NGOs to write all these reports that appear credible on the surface but very hollow if you search it. Do you see what they are doing because they know that, they say that one man from the Zoo, one Alhaji Idris Adamu wrote it in Abuja, the world would not take it seriously. You know what they do? They pay very expensive consultants abroad to wipe these reports.

Do you know that we go to meetings and we say to them; do you see what Amnesty is saying about this? Have you seen what this reputable NGO is saying? They will tell you No. It has to come from a white man. The report they accept as being credible or they see as being impartial must come from a white organization and most of them are funded by very powerful interest Groups. Very corrupt Groups to write the type of report that will ensure that the Zoo (NIGERIA) continues to exist as a corrupt entity. These are some of the things you people don't understand. You don't know it. That is why when somebody consciously in the room at UN headquarters in New York, once you talk about BIAFRA, the room became empty, everybody runs away because they have all been compromised.

They think, oh I don't want to be the person that will be responsible for the carnage that will erupt in that region should 350,000 ethnic groups fights amongst themselves. That is the lie they are peddling because the Fulani Almajiri gave the impression that the North extends their area of influence to the Benue State and the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe allowed the nonsense to persist. That is why we are suffering today. When people say why do you always mention Nnamdi Azikiwe, I say because he was a learned man, highly educated more than all of us put together but look at the mess we are in because he lacked the vision and foresight to understand the mindset of the Caliphate but we do.

As captured by:
Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: Lagos State Media
Published by: Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Lagos State Media




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