What Our Enemies (Nigeria and Britain) Don’t Realise About Us

What our enemies(nigeria and britain) don't know is that the biafra struggle as it stands today have gone past Nnamdi kanu.

The struggle has gotten to a level where even the leader(Nnamdi Kany)who started it cannot even stop it.We all know that Biafra is a spirit and this is its time to exist and dwell so based on that,the spirit of biafra is fighting and resisting anybody who is trying to stop it from existing.It is just like when the sun is rising and you are trying to cover it with wrappers.The time for biafra to exist is now and nothing can stop it because this is its time to shine,so those wasting their resources and spending lots of money to thwart the restoration of this incoming nation are doing so at their own risk.

It is very very clear to all and sundry most especially the sokoto caliphate and their counterparts britain that biafra has come to stay and it is so because of the consistency,persistency and determination of IPOB to restore biafra.

Even if britain through sokoto caliphate picks Nnamdi kanu as president of Nigeria,it cannot stop us from restoring biafra.

The enemies thought we just wake up one morning and started shouting “give us Biafra",they don't know that we took oath for it.if only they knew that we had gotten biafra before we began the agitation,they wouldn't have been wasting their resources and spending lots of money.

The reason for picking Peter obi as running mate is to test our resolve and determination for biafra,it is also to calm us down because they don't want us to go,they need us but won't treat us better but the truth is that we have made up our mind.




What Our Enemies (Nigeria and Britain) Don’t Realise About Us

Biafra 10m1

We have endured too much,there is no race on this planet earth that can endure what we have endured in the hands of britain and sokoto caliphate and still agree to stay with them.

They have killed us so much starting from when this country was amalgamated,we have been met with strangulation of our businesses and implementation of harsh economic policy against us,note that it is still happening till date with no hope in sight when it will stop but we have had it to our neck and this is the time to say enough is enough.

All those who are jubilant over the emergence of Atiku and Peter obi should know that even Jesus christ can not fix this country,so the only remedy and solution for this unworkable entity called Nigeria is for each ethnic nations to go their separate ways so that they can develop at their own space.

I pity those youths whose future will be stolen because they are ignorant and foolish to the core,at times I don't know if it is juju that is covering their eyes to see the realities on ground.Those that call themselves Nigerians should think before it will be late.

As for me and my family we are for biafra.

Support biafran referendum.all hail biafra




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