What Did the Yoruba Do After East Had Declared Themselves Republic of Biafra? 

Written by Elvis Chinedu


Salience of this question is based on a search for an answer regarding what would have been the effort of Yoruba neutrality in the national crisis. the  Yoruba violent crisis and the dissatisfaction in the way it was being handled by balewa Government  which necessitated the first coup  that culminated into the north–east violent resentful. Since creation of Nigeria we IGBO'S  have been helping YORUBA but they always paid us back with evil. 

1, in January 15, 1966 the two brief Igbo solders Who are major Emmanuel Ifeajuna and major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu. The both help the Yorubas from the hands of BALEWA and the turn it to Igbo coup. Ifeajuna/Nzeogwu coup was a pre-emptive measure to save Yoruba land from being 'welloped ' by the north under



the command of brigadier Maimalari who was authirised to drew a plan for the complete subjugation of West (Yoruba land)  starting from January 17 1966 

2, Obafemi Awolowo who was imprisoned by the northern-Run Nigerian government for treason and was released by the Eastern region government switched sides and joined the north to fight against the East. Why had easterners (Igbo) suddenly become AWOLOWO's foes and Northerners his friends?   What more can I say for his support. Awolowo was rewarded with an important office of the FEDERAL FINANCE MINISTER of Nigeria 

Igbos Biafra is our last hope Join hands with Nnamdi Kanu, join IPOB to make sure Biafra come as it before 1914

My name still remain 
Elvis chinedu
From IPOB Edo State




Obafemi Awolowo

What Did the Yoruba Do After East Had Declared Themselves Republic of Biafra?

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