What Biafra Is Not

If you ask an innocent skeptic, he will answer that we need to love ourselves first before Biafra comes, Chai!. If you ask an Efulefu, I mean ndị "my mama say I be Igbo", they will tell you how they hate themselves and not us. 

There is something you don't know about the Igbo man. The first person he believes is himself, after that, he then believes in his decisions. 
Get this difference, the Igbo man can agree with you but that does not mean that he totally believes in you. Before he agrees with you totally, he has weighed the end to which he can forfeit his pride to achieve. 

So this particular nature of his is awash with skepticism. A skeptic might trust but that trust is very conditional. 

If your heart is pure, your ways will be pure. If you are a pretender, your acting time is limited and your longevity is dependent on many trivial things. 
When I came back for that book review called "POORLITICS", I posted about it here, but I was greeted with considerable skepticism. Was I disappointed that people thought I have hung the towel on the struggle? Yes, I was. Did it make me want to leave the struggle because of what people thought of me? Nope! Were they right to doubt me? Yes. If I were in their shoes, could I have also doubted someone I trusted in the struggle? No, I wouldn't, I will ask questions to get cleared first then I observe before I take a final stand. 

This issue made me have some words with people on my post and other people's posts which made some concerned Biafrans ask us to squash the talks because of the perceived discords it was tending to brew. I replied them that they should allow us express ourselves, that we will be fine. 

A week later, we are still here, still bonded as we should be. You don't expect us not to disagree or debate between or among ourselves. How can we learn if we don't ask questions?How can we think if we don't challenge ourselves? What matters is what we do after the exchanges. The quest for Biafra is above one man's ego. If it is from your heart, you will will always move on with a brother because our aim is the ultimate price. 
Some people who have fallen erroneously believed that the struggle revolved around them.

Biafra is not a struggle of herd mentality but individuality with a common goal. Please note that unity of purpose is far different from herd mentality. 


Look around you and see what we have achieved with only the weapon of truth. The problem with truth saying is that it is highly resented by people whose ways are paved and carved with lies. How can you administer truth to a man whom for fifty years has lived in lies? How do you present truth to him? 

You don't need to overdose him with it, if not he turns and wrestles with you when he has become much intoxicated by it. You administer it in small milligrams. It takes time but it always prevails. 
The truth must rule this generation, the truth must give us freedom maka na eziokwu bụ ndụ. 

So, don't believe them when they expect us to love ourselves absolutely first before they believe in the struggle, those are the thoughts of little people. You can't find that anywhere on this earth. We are at liberty to disagree at certain point because we are not trees but our goal should never change. 

Udo nke Chineke.

Written by: 
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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What Biafra Is Not

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