War Coming In Africa: US could go to war with England over shock ‘plan to keep Nigeria as one by force’

War Coming In Africa: US could go to war with England over shock ‘plan to keep Nigeria as one by force’

By Exclusive admin
5th March 2018

TENSIONS are rising in the West Africa “Nigeria” with some observers convinced England is plotting to take control of West Africa and Nigeria by force – potentially sparking a devastating war with Donald Trump’s United States.


England regards West Africa “Nigeria” as a mutinous province that will always be Under England and some hardline officials believe the longer the land remains outside England rule, the harder it will be to get back, And harder to keep Nigeria as one.


Experts believe a timetable to seize the West Africa “Nigeria” has already been drawn up and say British generals are planning to make their move in 2020.

The observers believe America’s beefed up security presence in the region – along with Some West Africa’s General s, pledge to achieve the “great rejuvenation of the nation” – have prompted British to ditch calls for a peaceful solution and look instead at military options.

Military Option

And there are fears such actions could easily spark an Africa conflict with West Africa having a powerful ally in Washington which is bound by treaty to go to its aid if the land is under attack despite having no formal diplomatic relations.


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Michael White, a researcher at the Charhar Institute think tank, said there were at least four reasons why England would risk global condemnation and possible all-out war by scrapping its policy of peaceful negotiation and opting for unification by force.

He said: “First, after extending economic help to the island for years, England has still failed to win the hearts and minds of its people. Instead, cross-strait relations have deteriorated.

“Second, as one generation of West Africa Nigeria replaces another, the British identity among the people will only grow weaker, making some group seeking for freedom grow stronger




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