UK and Islamic Agenda

From my analysis and research, let me give you the hints of it. Following from the issues of UK Brexit from EU and other political imbalance of UN members do to Islamic agenda of influencing all the countries and top positions in the name of Islamic agenda of transforming Islam all over the world.

UK is the number one Islamic support agenda, these are the reasons UK today has been taken over by Islam. Currently now, The world most powerful leaders have singled themselves out to sit and resolve the issues of UK Brexit from EU which they have come in conclusion of dismantling UK from economic balance over the UK Brexit punishment.

The conditions Trump gave UK on business relationship is nothing to write home about which lead Theresa May into wiping. Trump first hit China economy by withdrawing American trade deal with China which lead China to economic earthquake, because they know that if UK poll down economically they will run to China.

Now Germany has most of the strongest companies in UK which they have order them to shutdown and come back home. France has a mutual relationship with Biafra's during the war 1968 do to genocidal act by Nigerian military and British air force machinery's which has caused Nigeria today not to trust France because they gave aid to Biafra's during the war. You didn't asked yourself why French


President visited Nigeria and refused to visit Nigerian President after all the convincing attempt to visit Northern leaders he prefers going to Fela Kuti's shrine to entertain himself and fled back to France from there, he knows everything between Nigeria and UK.

Nigeria is UK Chemistry Lab where any experimental issues are being performed under direction of our senseless leaders, but its unfortunate that French President is a member of that world leaders that came together, that's why he never bordered visiting any Nigerian leader during his visit rather he came and delivered his massage sent by world leaders to Federal Government of Nigeria and left.

Now the only source of livelihood of UK is Nigerian oil which is the most common thing that is causing Nigerian forceful unity. You never asked yourself why Trump warned Buhari over killings of Christians and questioned over Fulani's carrying AK 47 which they know he lied during his visit. The truth is that world leaders are coming to Nigeria with full force to dismantle UK totally, remember what Nnamdi Kalu said; (UK Government will beg for food) and is reality today that Biafra is no longer a history today prepare yourself for referendum to free yourself from bondages of slavery by Northern leaders and Queen of England.

Written by O.N


UK and Islamic Agenda


Ekiti Guber: British High Commissioner Says Process Peaceful So Far |RN

Oluseye Ojo, Isan-Ekiti

British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright, has said the conduct of the governorship election in Ekiti State has been peaceful so far.

In an interview with journalists at Ogilolo in Isan-Ekiti, he also said the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was well prepared for the exercise, adding that the security agencies also composed themselves very well.

Arkwright, who is a member of the international observers, monitoring the election stated: “We have been to about five units so far. From the polling units that I have visited, they were peaceful. The system seems to be working. They opened on time from what I have seen.

“As observers, we are taking note and we will report back to INEC at the end of the day, giving our reports. We are neutral international observers, watching the process of trying to ensure that the exercise is free, fair, credible and indeed peaceful. So, let us see how it goes. We are very pleased to be able to be here.”

Arkwright also described the ongoing election as a precursor to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, saying: “This election is an important milestone on the road to 2019. In Ekiti itself, it is important for the process to be free, fair, credible and indeed peaceful. We have looked around, and the most important thing is that people were able to express their own

opinions to vote freely as they wished to vote, and not to be intimidated or induced in any way, to vote according to their conscience for what they think is best for them, for their families and for their communities.


“The International Bureau for the British Government is not supporting one candidate, we are not supporting one party. But we are supporting the process.”

Fielding questions on his assessment of INEC’s preparation for the poll, Arkwright said: “From what I saw, INEC prepared very well for the election. I spoke to the INEC Chairman in Abuja 10 days ago and he said the commission was well prepared. I spoke to the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) yesterday, and as far as I can see, the sensitive materials were sent to the polling units in time. From what I can see, things seem to be working well.

“We are not just staying in one particular area, there are British International Observers in every part of the state. When we combine together this evening, we will be comparing notes.”

Arkwright also assessed the conduct of security agencies in the places he had visited so far, saying: “From what I can see, the security agencies are doing their job. I can see the police standing by to ensure peace. In my experience and with what I have seen, this is a snapshot of the election. I will get the whole picture when I am back to the state capital and compare notes with my colleagues.” (The Sun)



Paul Arkwright wearing outfit

You have to read between the lines and know how satanic anything that has to do with British are. Ekiti pool which saw lots of malpractice, dehumanisation, political robbery, INEC miscarriages and the worst of it all, it was more like military era/ out of modern electoral standard is the samething British commissioner is painting to be very credible. 

Now you must understand why IPOB and her supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stood/stand to boycott every bloody animalistic Nigeria election. If the barbarism that the worldwide saw in Ekiti even before the day of the election, right from the molestation of the sitting governor by the security agents is what British high commissioner to Islamic Nigeria is painting white, you can imagine how useless your PVC has become. 

Get ready to kill yourselves if you vote comes 2019 because, it will be suicidal to vote for Nigeria that will empower those Islamists who will kill you . Only thing that will save you is, #Boycott2019Election because, what Nnamdi January saw yesterday is beyond your knowledge and it has come to pass. More is coming and we are now raising the awareness. The ball is your pitch and it is either you do the needful by boycotting the upcoming election, take your destiny into your hands or kill yourselves and destiny by voting Miyatti Allah into power again.


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