Things You Must Know

The British as 'colonial masters' signed Protective Treaties with many provinces and empires, this declaring those places "Protectorates":

  1. Lagos Treaty was signed in 1852
  2. The Itshekiri signed in 1884
  3. The Izon signed in 1893
  4. Calabar king signed in 1884
  5. Benin Empire signed in 1892
  6. Oil Rivers (Port Harcourt to Onitsha) "signed" in 1885
  7. Oyo Empire signed in 1913...
  8. The Bight of Biafra signed in 1897
  9. The Aro people and many Igbo communities refused to sign any treaty with the British and their villages were bombarded and raided as a result.

...and so much more...!

Note that all these treaties were signed under the threat of the Maxim Gun and gun boats hanging over the heads of the indigenous people. 

Those who refused, had their villages raided, their women raped and their able-bodied young men either slaughtered or sent on involuntary "Exile " in foreign lands, as is the case of Jaja of Opobo, Nana of Ishekiri and others. 




The British left on this day, in 1960 and informed you of your independence...!

Did they sign a treaty handing back your territory to you? 

Where is the Handover Treaty to signify that the contract had been cancelled? 

Technically, you are yet to be independent; you're still a colony of Britain.

No wonder they reformed their colonies and called them "Commonwealth"
Please Commonwealth of what in particular...?

Let me try and explain it to you. It means that all the wealth, in whatever shape or form, found in ur country, is owned "in common" with the British. 

The #OneNigerianist Please answer... Where are your Pre&Post-Colonization Treaties...? 
These of you the Independence Celebration!
You think the British destroyed those treaties and declared them null and void?



Things You Must Know

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