They Called It “Nigeria Islamic Army Force”  To Signify That They Are The Same As Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen

They Called It “Nigeria Islamic Army Force”  To Signify That They Are The Same As Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen

The different between Boko Haram, Nigeria Armed Forces and Fulani Herdsmen are just the names but the operation are the same.

Who are Boko Haram, who are Nigeria Military/armed forces, who are Fulani killer Herdsmen, who are ISIS, who is Abubakar Shekau, who is Abu Bakr al Baghdad and who is President Muhammadu Buhari? These are inseparable groups of terrorists with the same ideology, the same Military camouflaing uniform, the same character, the same operation with different names.

The killings, raping, use of torture by operatives and officers of the armed security forces in Nigeria has for long gained global notoriety leading to several reports by internationally respected bodies including but not limited to Amnesty international of the United Kingdom; Human Rights Watch of New York, United states of America and office of the special rapporteur on torture to the United Nations and even some notable individuals. But it is as if some where sleeping and snoring all these while and just waked up.

On 24th of March, 2018 supposed former Minister for Defence, General Theophirus Danjuma called on Nigerians to rise and defend themselves against ethnic cleansing.  RTD Gen. T. Y. Danjuma gave this warning on (Saturday) at the maiden Convocation ceremony of Taraba State University in Jalingo Taraba State capital. He said "In this state and all the riverine states, we must resist it. We must stop it. Everyone of us must rise up. The armed forces are not neutral. They collude with the armed bandits. They kill people, kill Nigerians. They facilitate their movement. They cover them. If you're depending on the armed forces to stop the killings, you will all die one by one. The ethnic cleansing must stop. In Taraba state, must stop. In all the states in Nigeria must stop. Otherwise, Somalia will be a child's play. I ask everyone of you to be alert and defend your country. Defend your territory. Defend your state. You have nowhere to go. You have nowhere to go. God bless our country." For an army general to reveal this type of secrets, just imagine what is happening in Nigeria Armed forces.

And I just remembered what Albert Einstein said, "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don't do anything about it" . Where was Danjuma all this while, was he sleeping and snoring? Why crying foul now? Where were you when these evil terrorists called Nigeria armed forces callaped down on IPOB members at Aba, Nkpor, Enugu, Igweocha and recently at our Director's house at Afara-Ukwu Ibeku killing, torturing thousands of IPOBs in different parts of Nigeria? Is it because they have visited your own people? What goes around comes around, what is good for Gardners is also good for goose. This is not the time the evil men do live after them, now it lives with them. Maybe Danjuma have suddenly forgotten how he planned, willed and killed Biafrans.

It has been on record since about the extra-judicial killings, the collusions, conspiracies, the complacencies and the complicity of Nigeria Armed forces. Amnesty International has published a classified information with 33 pages document titled “Stars on their shoulders, Blood on their hands, War crimes committed by the Nigerian military". This document gives details of how Nigeria Armed Forces killed, raped, tortured, detained people in different places in Nigeria.

On 24th of November 2016 Amnesty International also gave Analysis of 87 videos, 122 photographs and 146 eye witness testimonies relating to demonstrations and other gatherings between August 2015 and





August 2016 consistently shows that the military fired live ammunition with little or no warning to disperse crowds. It also finds evidence of mass extrajudicial executions by security forces, including at least 60 people shot dead in the space of two days in connection with events to mark (IPOB) Biafra Remembrance Day.

Just some months ago according to the same Amnesty International report, outlined that at least 12 members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), were killed by Nigeria soldiers in Umuahia in Abia state on September 14 2017.

Is it not some few months ago that hundreds of armed herdsmen laid siege in Numan and surrounding villages in Adamawa. Nigeria Airforce jet and fighter choppers were deployed the place, they flew at low altitude and were watching the ongoing act of carnage perpetrated by his terrorist called herdsmen. Instead of shooting, they were using the cluttering sounds of the choppers’ propellers and the smoke from the jets to chase them away even when the armed herdsmen were shooting at the helicopters. The Airforce said they were given order not to shoot.

Just last year, the President Panel set up to investigate alleged human rights violations by the Nigerian Army, reveals the depth of their complicity. Revelations were made by the people of Moon district in Kwande LG of Benue State, Taraba, and other communities in Plateau and Southern Kaduna. The two witnesses, Engr. Kwaghkper Jacob and Hon. Abo Utah gave graphic details on how the Army collaborated with Jukun of Taraba to sack them from their ancestors home and allow Fulani herdsmen to take over. The Moon valley of Kwande local government of Benue state also open the floor with two out of the thirteen witnesses accusing the Nigeria Army of complicity over their predicament of human rights abuses.

The counting is endless. And our Director Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has always said it even before the now. So it is no more a story but norms.
The difference between between Boko Haram, ISIS, Fulani Herdsmen and Nigeria Armed forces is just the name all other things about them are the same.

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