Theresa On Wednesday, And Angela On Friday Same Week

Theresa On Wednesday, And Angela On Friday Same Week

( Another victory for IPOB and our sovereignty as Biafrans).

Interesting days isn't?. One wonders why the August meetings. But on a second look, I discovered that as women even in Biafra, the 2 women can't joke with their August Meetings.

The international power play and under bridge - water - current in the Nigerian political space should give political scientists and analysts some kind of headache to diagnose, the strange music and dance going on at the moment should and must give a core Nigerian a kind of serious concern .
But to us Biafrans, it is a thing of joy and calls for celebration for yet another victory for IPOB and our sovereignty quest.

Take it or discard it , that's immaterial to me and millions of Biafrans Worldwide. There are incontrovertible evidence these days to buttress a hard core points that Nigeria is currently facing series of hard international and diplomatic questions. Made possible by consistent and constant freedom struggles by Biafrans and our current request for referendum.

Make no mistake about this,the underground diplomatic alliances are forming and shall invariably tilt down to the advantage of Biafra. We must unanimously give kudos to the Highest Command , IPOB worldwide for great job well done. These days and onward, 




Now look at this for just this week, we heard Trump calling his one time guest in the White House a lifeless man, calling bullshit international diplomacy, tomorrow , the Prime Minister of UK Mrs Theresa May will be with the same lifeless man according to DJ Trump. By Friday this week also , the German Chancellor, Mrs Angela Merkel will also pay a visit to same lifeless man according to DJ Trump.

While political pundits argue for and against the unfolding scenarios, we Biafrans believe there is no smoke without fire. The UK' s Brexit and German's international maturity and diplomacy in the evolving world of power play and politics can not be isolated completely. The nations interest in the collapsing zoo can also not be isolated. These are interesting days indeed.

While the road shows and game shows continue, Biafrans cannot but watch and wait for our freedom is here and now. There is no stopping of the Zionists and the children of the most High God. No man or nations can contest with these God and go scout free. This is a hard fact.

Long live The MNK, long live IPOB, long live BIAFRA.

Mike Okoria: writing for justice, liberty and freedom.



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