There is a certain group of Nigerians I don't understand

By Charles Ogbu
14th October 2018

And no, it is not that inebriated APC mole called governor Engr. Dave Umahi who thinks himself the Ezemmuo 1 of Alaigbo that must be consulted. Umahi is simply angry that Peter Obi's emergency will secure Igbo vote for Atiku and thereby scuttle his undercover plan of delivering vote for Buhari with the hopeless hope of him handing over power to him in 2023. So I'm not talking about Umahi.

I'm not even talking about people who still support a lifeless outgoing President who seem unaware of even his own existence. Those ones are beyond redemption. 

And, I'm certainly not talking about some of my own people who despite suffering the heaviest casualty under the Buhari govt have decided to help the Buhari affliction rise again by choosing not to vote. Though I remain fundamentally opposed to this idea but I am under a moral obligation to respect their right to do their thing AS LONG AS THEY RESPECT MINE. 

I am talking about a certain category of Nigerians (mostly Abroadians) who despite agreeing that Buhari represents a grave existential threat to every living thing in Nigeria, still go about demonizing, shaming and emotionally blackmailling people for supporting Atiku who is the only ACTIONABLE OPTION to send the Buhari plague out of Asorock even when these people have failed to give us another ACTIONABLE ALTERNATIVE to retire the cowman President.



Atiku vs Buhari

There is a certain group of Nigerians I don't understand

Quite frankly, I don't understand these people. Instead of demonizing Atiku supporters which we all know will only benefit the Buhari camp, why don't they simply come out to tell us they have been recruited by the Buhari Media Center (BMC) to use corner corner style campaign for Buhari? 

To These People, please read me well, we are not ATIKUlating because we like or trust Atiku/PDP per se. Far from it. We are ATIKUlating because REALISTICALLY SPEAKING, PDP/Atiku is the only party with the needed nationwide structure to end Buhari's devilish regime. It has nothing to do with love for Atiku or the PDP. Even your attempt to remind us that Atiku is Fulani is a very dumb move because our problem with President Muhammadu Buhari has never been with his ethnicity. After all, the good man, late President Umar Yar'Adua was a Fulani Muslim from the same Katsina as Buhari. Nigerians oppose Buhari because he has conclusively proven he is a historical human tragedy whose reign witnessed and is still witnessing more mass burials than wedding ceremonies. 

Please, instead of telling us how Atiku robbed the central bank of Western Germany before the birth of Adam, can you just tell us your own ACTIONABLE ALTERNATIVE to removing Buhari in 2019? If you can't, then, kukuma admit you are working for Buhari so we can know how to place you.

~Oriental Times



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