There is Nothing Under this Earth They Haven’t Said About Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

He is fraudster, who uses Biafra to enrich himself, his name is Mazi Nnamdi kanu. 

He is a coward that uses our youths for shield, he deserves to die, he is Nnamdi kanu, kill him kill him.... Now you have succeeded in blackmailing him, you have succeeded in helping the enemy to kill or push him away, to silence the man that foresees tomorrow and urge his people to be alert, he is Mazi Nnamdi kanu. 

Ọhanaeze ndị Igbo and other eastern governors call him small boy, forgetting that the God's chooses whom he want, they join the enemies to silence their own, now here we are. 

Where is Rondel, Afinefre, some militant groups that claims not to be consulted hence a reason to kill him, he is nowhere to be found, seems he disappears with this entire group... I even forgot restructuring hypocrites.

Listen, Nnamdi Kanu is only but human, yes but different human, he is bound with mistakes but he remains righteous among those that nail him, he is saints among those that call for his head, his sin is nothing but telling the truth verbally, his sin is because he is against a building with faulty foundation and call for its total demolish so as to give room for a new and good building with good foundation that's negotiable.

Kill him kill him, he is a war monger, but he never kill a fly, he is fraudsters but never ask for your money like your pastors and priest do via  tight or Offering, his followers even though they are the best unarmed soldiers in the world yet they never killed fly because he Kanu instructs them not to kill, yet you politically correct fellows lend voice to nail this man, he is Nnamdi Kanu, the man that foresee tomorrow.

Arrest him, kill him, he is threat to Nigeria unity, even Mbaka and other acclaimed prophet lend voice to nail this young man, but today




the same people are deaf and dumb even when the killings caused by those they said to be Saint are obvious, yet they are mute but easy to condemn Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, where is your conscience?

Are you surprised why his followers always sing to him with much praise, honour and adoration.. "holy holy holy, holy holy! Nnamdi Kanu is another saviour, do you still doubt if he is indeed a saviour, Mr Thomas keep watching, because nothing stop the sun from rising, he is Nnamdi Kanu, the eyes that sees tomorrow, he is Anyanwụ, sun sight bearer.

Are you still surprised, despite his sudden disappearance caused by those with envy, jealous and hypocrites, yet his Fellowers are always good to go? 

He is the man that French Jewish prophet Nostradamus talked about, he is a prince that will rise from the trigger of gun, which other prince's will try to stop him but of course egbe a na-agba anyanwụ mkpụrụ agidi ka ana ala n'iyi, he is Nnamdi kanu the light bearers, the happening today have vindicate him. 

Hope you are confuse, pls don't be confuse, he is Nnamdi Kanu the man Lucky Dube the reggae master and also a prophet talked about in his music...freedom fighter standing on a mountain in a foreign country, I think the title is house of exil, pls listen to this music to clear your doubt. 

I am Mazi Mmiri Chinonso Nwali, a proud and unapologetic IPOB member. 

He is Nnamdi kanu, an orator, the epitome of wisdom, a fearless warrior, some call him Ohamadike but I call him Hurricane Nk, show him some love he deserves it..




There is Nothing Under this Earth They Haven’t Said About Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

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