The Weapon of Truth

In 1966, as we were killed in every parts of northern Nigeria and body littered everywhere, unburied. The entire world quickly branded us rebels as Nigeria, supported by almost entire world landed between Nsukka and Benue and raided everything both animals, humans and trees in the villages and forest of Nsukka.

The world looked on, British soldiers were drafted into Nigeria military. They flew their jets and they bombed hospitals, markets and schools. That was the atrocity that became Nigeria/Biafra war. 

Biafra war left a kind of psychological trauma on every man that were Biafran during that genocidal war. Today no one want a war, and I think no sane man will wish for a war. In as much as we have just war, we haven't had a good war before, for there isn't a good war.

The war of 1966 wasn't actually war, it's a coming together of many nations against an indigenous people who ran back to their land, after they were killed in their thousands. 

We should stop living within the fears of the atrocities of 1966, for this is 2017. No one will ever call us rebels again, and we are not out to fight any war. The HausaFulani can't fight a war without the Yoruba in support, and Yorubas are not ready to risk going into war. Lagos is still very precious. 

In Biafra war, Onitsha, Asaba, Owerri, Umuahia and Port Harcourt were entirely raised down. These ever vibrant cities became ghost cities. But in all these, no part of Yoruba land and HausaFulani land saw war. War is very different from Boko Haram insurgence. It's entirely different from suicide bombing. Boko Haram have never used fighter jets, have they? I laugh each time an HausaFulani ask us to ask our fathers what happened to them during the Biafra war. An HausaFulani that even their ancestors never saw war. What does an HausaFulani know about war? Nothing!





The problem of HausaFulani is lack of education, and few that underwent education were not properly educated. They have failed to understand that the primitive days of 1966 is different from today. They didn't know that we can never be called rebels again. Who told HausaFulani that because we left northern Nigeria in 1966, and declared Republic of Biafra, that we will repeat same just because they gave a useless ultimatum. Am always ashamed when a northerner brags on how he will claim Igbo properties in 2017. The most shameful part of it is when it comes from a Yoruba.

Hear it now, you can't win it all. In your collective marginalization of Igbos you made Igbos stronger. Every Igbo child grow up knowing that there is nothing like a buttered bread. He struggles to score 150 in common entrance to unity school, when his mates need to just score ordinary 2 or 4. Same in jamb and employment. These unequal and unfair treatments has left Igbos strong. We have without nothing become something. We own more lands outside our territory more than any other group have outside their territory in Nigeria. 

Don't let them threaten and intimidate you with tales of war. Referendum does not bring war, for if it brings war Scotland would have been at war with Britain.

We will dismantle Nigeria with truth. We will educate our people and counter the lies of our enemies. 

We will reborn Biafra, and no one will stop Biafra. The land of the rising sun is our home.

Come let us go home.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi of Family Writers making irrelevant things relevant.




The Weapon of Truth

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