The True Holy Communion

Where we raise the kolanut made by God.
They raise bread made by man.

Then we declare "He who brings kola brings life"
They too declare " This is the bread of life"

We offer thanks, 
They offer thanks.

We offer wine
They offer wine

Then we bless the congregation 
They too bless their congregation

We call on our Ndichie and worthy Ancestors; Okonkwo, Okorie, Igbokwe, Odenigbo, and Igbokenyi, in " the communion of the living and the dead" to partake in our kola. 

They too call their Ndichie and Ancestors; St. Peter, St. Cyprian, St Mark and Kizito to partake in their rite, in " the Communion of the living and the dead"

Then we break and eat the concecrated kolanut ,

They too break and eat their consecrated bread.



The True Holy Communion

For this task we choose our men folk
They too choose their men

A properly consecrated kolanut is the true Holy Communion

Yet many of you fail to see that
WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE TIME BEGAN! and they can only walk in our shadows!
They took what is ours and make it look like theirs, yet in their envy they call us EVIL, we who welcomed them into our homes. They enslaved the minds of our children and set them against their fathers

Now our children no longer know who they are; the firstborn creation of Chukwu Okike, a noble race, freemen, Priests, Priestesses, all have lost their place in the light.

We, decendants of Ndigbo- the ancients, are the light of the world.

I bring good news from our Ancestors.




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