The Tripartite Discourse Highlighting "Sincerity Versus Betrayal"

We will never allow that to happen. That small boy is more dangerous than Boko haram.

Ohanaeze to the North.
We trust and believe you. We will never allow this boy to stop us from our monthly compensation which you diligently give us. He is stupid.

We will stop him. Your people will never be free from our captivity. They must remain under us, and be perpetually made second class citizens.

Ohanaeze to The North.
They are jobless youths, miscreants, and toothless bulldogs.
We are with you, send Python to them.

Your request is automatically approved. We love and do anything you ask of us.

MNK to Ohaneze.
Why sending Python to kill those you claim you want to liberate through restructuring?

Because you refused to drop Biafra/Freedom.

If Biafra is the reason you fail to give them restructuring, it means you aren't sincere, and shouldn't be trusted again.

We will get restructuring for them, when Python take you out of our way.

Biafra struggle is heavenly, even without me, they will still continue and restore Biafra in no distant time. Biafra is a done deal.
North to Ohanaeze.
Proscribe their peaceful activities.
Ohanaeze to IPOB.

Even though you are lawful and peaceful, you have been proscribed.
North to IPOB.

Because you are sincere to free your people, you are designated a terrorist group.

Even if we walk upon scorpions and cobras, we will never give up.
Ohanaeze to North.

Send python 2 to them. They must be stopped, who are they to free our people, and stop our monthly allocations?

North to Ohanaeze.
We have taken him out of your way. Make sure you don't talk about restructuring again.

But that was not the original bargain!
North to Ohaneze.

That bargain was an advertisement. Remember that we are APC... All promises cancelled. This change is in your own interest.

Thank you very much for the job well done. We will continue working with you. Use restructuring to be chasing shadows and to deceive your fellow gullible among them, as we have been doing to them for ages.

IPOB to Ohanaeze.
For aiding and celebrating the unjust massacring of your children, you are hereby proscribed.

No sincere and genuine elders support the killing of their children. Therefore, we, with immediate effect, ban the activities of Ohaneze, preparatory to the absolute scrapping of the evil group, Ohanaeze.

We therefore mandate the great IPOB, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to reconstitute and take over leadership of Ohanaeze Ndị Biafra, for Odinma Ndi Biafra.
Charity begins at home.
Biafra First.

Written by:
Anichebe Udechukwu Emetoh
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu

For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV
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In this discourse, the Supreme Leader of the great IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK), probes the sincerity and capability of the predators and scavengers of our time, the Ọha Ndị A Na-eze (Ohaneze), led by Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Nurudeen Nwodo, who clearly shows that all they (Ohaneze) are after, are the crumbs and vomit from the tables of their leprous Almajiri masters.

But we wish to refer them to their predecessor, Judas, who had trod on this same road, but ended up with the tragic end of not only not partaking in the divine eternal promise, did not live to spend the money, for which he betrayed his master, met a miserable and wretched end (suicide), left a disgusting and detestable record, (nobody answers Judas today), but could not equally stop the spread of the gospel (as these vultures cannot stop the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra).

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK)
I am sincere.

Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo. (Ohaneze)
We are sincere too. Afterall, we wear Red caps, and Isiagu Regalia.

Does red cap and regalia denote sincerity and transparency?

But we are elders.

I want freedom for my people, which is Biafra.

We want restructuring for our people. They will manage it like that.

Hausa Fulani will never give you restructuring I know them more than you do.

We are trusted. They will give us restructuring. They love us because we are loyal to them.

I want total freedom for my people, not restructuring.

Drop Biafra and we will give them restructuring.

Don't interfere with Biafra, I won't interfere with restructuring.
You must drop freedom, which is Biafra.

Are you sure you are sincere with restructuring?

Yes, we are. Are you not aware that we are old men, with grey hairs?

Then go ahead if you are sincere, make sure you don't disappoint our people. They have suffered.

We are elders, tested and trusted. Our people love us.

Is good you know they trusted and love you, so don't disappoint or betray them again, even though I don't trust you.

We don't trust you either. You are a small boy.

My people trust me. I won't betray them, because I love them.

Our Northern masters promised to give us restructuring if you drop Biafra. We trust them.

Our people have decided to get Biafra for themselves. They are resolute, determined, and fearless before their enemies.

Not true. We will use hungry and poor minded persons to scatter them. Their resoluteness will cave in when we show them money.

That can only happen with pretenders who came for fame or self-enrichment, who shout Biafra in daytime, and one Nigeria under the cover of darkness, like many of you vultures.

What if we give them a very good mouth-watering package?

They have been marginalized, killed and made to suffer for what they didn't know. They deserve genuine freedom.

Register IPOB as a political party, that’s what our people want.

We are whiter than white, and whiter than snow. We won't dent our image with Nigeria political system. They are evil, dirty, and insincere.

You must drop Biafra and follow us.

I will never, It's Biafra or death.

Ohanaeze to North.
This boy is very sincere to deliver our people from bondage we put them into.



Nnamdi vs Nnia Nwodo

The Tripartite Discourse Highlighting "Sincerity Versus Betrayal"

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