The President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo and Other Elders are Still Firm on Restructuring Nigeria, This Time They  Speak Out Without Fear

The President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo and Other Elders are Still Firm on Restructuring Nigeria, This Time They  Speak Out Without Fear

I commend Dr Nwodo and other elders of Nigeria in speaking out for the first time in the history of this present government that has neglected the security of the peoples of Nigeria. What we have been murmuring for ages has been said in one seating. I congratulate all of you who have summed up your courage to speak to the government on behalf of the peoples of Nigeria.


The federal government of Nigeria has failed her citizens and are not fit for purpose. Many Nigerians have spoken out and have been termed "hate speech" and the killings of Nigerians of all tribes have continued without the president saying or doing anything to stop it. We are told that it is ethnic clashes. The so-called-herdsmen, whether Fulani or not have continued their daily killings at will, brandishing AK47 and the security agents who were supposed to protect the helpless peoples of Nigeria have colluded with the killers. This claim was made by the most decorated general of Nigerian Army, General T Y Danjuma, and I believe him because he knows better than anyone in Nigerian regarding security issues.

Nigerians cried into deaf ears of the federal government and that of the Inspector General of Police and the chief of Army Staff who have remained silent and inaction to stop the incessant killings, instead they have instructed their men to disarm the persecuted peoples of their only means of self defense. This is an abomination and has never happened before. Nigerians must wake up and stop their stupidity of chanting for 2019 election that will not bring in any change to their lives. The only thing that will bring meaningful change to Nigeria is the change of restructuring Nigerian constitution and governance.

We collectively need change and that change is achievable through Restructuring of Nigeria. Nigeria stinks of evil and ordinary Nigerians allow themselves to be fooled by corrupt politicians who are only interested in what is in their pockets. What bothers me is why have the National and State Assemblies abrogated their responsibilities and allow corruption to continue unabated. Power resides only in the National and State Assemblies yet they are being controlled by the executives. Sickening! Nigerians must wake up and rise up, the die is cast. He who has ear let him hear.



Why Police IG, others disrespect National Assembly – Ohanaeze President

By Kemi Busari
4 May 2018

The President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo, has suggested that too much powers in the hands of the executive is the reason for the disregard of the legislative arm of government by some public officials.

The Nigeria political system which saddles exorbitant powers in the hands of the executive could be blamed for the situation, he added.

Mr Nwodo spoke on behalf of a delegation of leaders of the South and Middlebelt who visited the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, on Thursday.

Sanni Onogu, Chief Press Secretary to the Senate President provided details of the meeting.

Mr Nwodo said the recent invasion of the Senate by thugs that forcefully snatched the mace and the refusal of the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to honour the summons of the Senate were clear examples of the Executive’s disregard for the National Assembly.

He said the visit was vital as the National Assembly is the ‘conscience of the people.’

“We have come to you at a very difficult time in the history of our country,” Mr Nwodo said. “We are visiting the National Assembly because of its unique position in our constitution. The democratic system we run in our country rests on the three organs of government.

“For these three arms, the other two function in accordance with laws made by this arm. This arm characterises democracy because in a military government you will have both the judiciary and the executive.



From Baron Roy:

...this Tyrannical Structure

Senator Melaye arrested

Senator Nwaboshi arraigned

Senator Abaribe being recalled

Senator Kasimu being extradited

Senator Sani being harrassed

Senator Saraki being terrorised...

Judges being arrested

Journalists being detained

Governors being threatened...

The 1999 Constitution cannot protect them...

These are officials that could ordinarily speak for the people...but effectively caged! And you still think the president and other so-called leaders are the problem?

The constitution is warped; the structure is wicked! No amount of elections would change a thing! No matter who's voted at any level of government, the performance would still be suboptimal!

Elections ain't the problem; the structure is! And the power to change things resides in The People! No government officials of the government could bring about restructuring; the Citizen should decide when he has had enough!

Go on and elect the biggest Lion in your constituency, the structure would ensure he behaves like a Pussycat! Elections under this structure would change nothing without restructuring the polity...we would simply elect the new set of wimps...or monsters...take your pick! The structure ensures that the Citizens MUST lose!

We must #restructureOrBurst





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