The Precolonial Igbo Fathers Deserve Your Honour!

Take a look at these men! Do you know who they are? 

These are the precolonial Igbo; the only ethnic group in the world with military power as far back as the 9th century but never used it to harass their neighbors.

They were civilized and only used their guns for hunting animals for meat.

Through scientific examinations, chiukwu okike showed them that there is a yeast rich juice at the heart of the palm tree and Rafia Palm and they called it Nmanya nkwu and Nmanya ngwo respectively.

Through chiukwu okike- driven experimentation, they discovered how to ferment cassava, remove the dangerous cyanide and produce garri and Akpu.

Because of chiukwu okike's care for us, and through them, we have Ji, pounded yam, eberebe or tapioka and protein rich salad called Ugba, to name but a few.

Okike gave them medical wisdom to heal all kinds of diseases that are native to them Through their native healers/doctors,  Chiukwu okike preserved their generations and they gave birth to new generations of Igbo.

When okike commanded you to honor your parents, it includes honoring these men and women whom he used to preserve lives in your society and not condemn them.






The Precolonial Igbo Fathers Deserve Your Honour!

Even though They were not perfect but let chiukwu okike abiama be the judge.

( No people can stand tall unless they stand on the shoulders of those who came before them). 

I however, consider it wise to acknowledge the great contributions that our forefathers have made to the sustenance of our lives by birthing and preserving the next generation. 
I consider it evil to condemn our forefathers and deny them the honor and respects that is due to them. 

These men and women of their time deserve our loving remembrance and not condemnation. 

As I have just listed some few of their contributions and civilizations now.
If you still choose to continue to disregard and disrespect them, then list the contributions of your own generation who you claims to know better, udo diri unu.

Remember to sit at home on 14th of September dalu nu.

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