The Only Thing More Depressing Than Nigeria Itself is This "Igbo Presidency" and Those Bleating It All The Time

The Only Thing More Depressing Than Nigeria Itself is This "Igbo Presidency" and Those Bleating It All The Time

The only thing more depressing than Nigeria itself is this "Igbo presidency" and those bleating it all the time.

The entire 2018 budget of Nigeria is less than $25 billion. Many medium sized companies are projecting to make that amount of profit by 2023 but the whole of Nigeria with an estimated 190 million people have no other political agenda than Igbo presidency in 2023.

Did you read one of the APC Facebook intellectuals deriding Ohanaeze for saying they have no interest in 2023?

As mundane as this may sound, they have succeeded in pushing this narrative ahead of genuine political restructuring and a large percentage of emotive, ignorant Igbo are falling for it.

The Ijaw anger in Port Harcourt and overall accusation before the Biafran war was that the Igbo dominated NCNC led Eastern Nigeria government helped the Igbo acquire properties


and took over the city. It was this that made Isaac Boro and co desperate when Ironsi took over in January 1966.They launched their revolution to secede the following month.

This feelings culminated in the abandoned properties of the early 70s and the attendant "de-igbonisatizion" of riverine Igbo communities.

Lagos and Abuja have not seen similar accusations on this scale because there's been no Igbo dominated party in power in those places or at the federal level.

Why do we even have to talk about this?
I think this account should be deactivated till 2023.

It is the only way to stop reading cretinously the political comments and stay sane!

~Mbe Nwaniga




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