The Nigerian Judicial Oblivion

By Nwabunwanne David
(Abia writers)
Edited by Chidi Aloysius Nwosu 

It is an excellent sign of doom and irreversible rest in peace to Nigerian judiciary for the worst is about to happen. What are the findings of the grand jury or rather jurists, where is the evidence of the accusation against the Chief Justice of the federation, in the person of Justice Onnoghen? Do our laws condemn anyone without proof of guilt? Or does our democracy run on prejudice at that very height of professions, if at all? What sort of race do we claim we are, that evil is done at our very sight, and none is saying stop. It is a shame to all, and very paradoxical to the high expectation of true democracy and the World is watching. Where are the legal luminaries and great-learned friends? Is this, the great signs of judicial oblivion in Nigeria? 

Are you so soft, wicked and blind also that you cannot see the mysterious handwriting on the wall? You had swallowed every bait and sinker to your detriment and the future generation because it may become automatically their culture that cannot be easily erased. No matter how hard you try to set delicate precedence for the future, do not forget in a hurry that hot water is never good for the tortoise. The game had just begun.



Can't you see that acting Chief Justice of the federation cannot swear in the president? And it's only Chief Justice of the Federation that was empowered by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to swear in and remove the President, coupled with the extraordinary rigged election by the presidency, and several cases at the tribunal against the president. It will be very obnoxious and uncultured to the democratic tenets of best practice in the world to swear him into the office for a further four years. That is why, all these willy-nilly, conspiracy of the deep state to hold on to power and continue with Islamic agenda by allowing the Sharia judge Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed to take over the office of the CJN in a secular state, that even justice Onnoghen himself is even begging for resignation because the heat is unbearable.

Live and let us live is a general and acceptable slogan and tenets for peace that guarantees good security of lives and properties and that no-one should be taken for granted. The pendulum is swinging already but who knows where it's swinging to? Yesterday was justice Onnoghen Chief Justice of federation and tomorrow may be yours. I hope you are getting ready for the worst-case scenario; the Islamic foot soldiers are on quick sail for the great conquest. About thirty-eight Sharia judges have just graduated from the great orientation to sieve into the positions of the secular and common law judges in Nigeria, and so the Timed Bomb is about to go off, who can save these dreamers?

The Nigerian Judicial Oblivion

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