The Nigerian Judges Paves Way For The Continuous Massacre of Biafrans By Nigeria Military

The Nigerian Judges Paves Way For The Continuous Massacre Of Biafrans By Nigeria Military

Nigeria as claimed, is practicing democratic system of government. The reflections of democratic tenets have lot to offer in terms of discharging justice and equity. Abraham Lincoln in defining democracy opined that it is the government of the people by the people and for the people. Evaluating this definition, it is paramount to identify the will of people or the masses as the brain behind the scenes. Democracy does not entertain force or authoritarian government but freedom. Democratic system of government recognises different opinions and accept majority views against the minority views. However, it is tailored through different government agencies mainly executive, law making body and judiciary. They are expected to be working differently by being independent of each other through what is called separation of powers. The executive carries out the law, the Senate makes the law while the

Nigerian Judges Pave Way

judiciary interprets the law. Looking at their roles, the judiciary determines or regulates the activities of the masses and other organs of government through meaningful interpretations of the laws or constitution. Aside this, no country can be adjudged as practicing democracy.

The judiciary serves as a mirror through which the other organs of government watch before acting or executing policies. With the presence of high court, appeal court and supreme court in Nigeria, there would have been decency In between the three organs of government. Nigerian arm forces being under the executive arm take precautions and must work according to laid down rules and regulations of the constitution. They have reasons to consult the laws of the land and even wait for approval. They take these precautions because their actions must be interpreted by the judiciary.

The judiciary plays a vital role in securing lives and properties. No wonder it is seen as the last hope of the common man in the society . Any attempt to prohibit judiciary from carrying out its lawful enshrined roles will result into anarchy, loss of lives and properties. This is exactly what the people of Biafrans are passing through in Nigeria as there are total calculated misinterpretations of the laws by Nigerian judges against Biafrans.

The killings of unarmed Biafran youths  by the Nigerian Armed Forces have not been given meaningful interpretations by the Nigerian legal system as the judges no matter what happens, cannot say the truth or interpret truthfully and rightly in assumption if they say the truth it will divide the entity called Nigeria which was fabricated by Lord Lugard. All these calculated misinterpretations are just because the Hausa Fulani oligarchy dominated the Nigerian judiciary system through federal character and quoter recruitment of judges as anything merit is excluded in Nigeria.

Since Buhari assumed office as the elected president of Nigeria, the judiciary or the legal system has gone from bad to worse. People are being kidnapped, imprisoned, remanded in various DSS dungeons without meaningful trials as the judges despite endless postponement continue to enjoy their entitlements  without discharging their lawful duties. Nigerian Army and police have killed unarmed Biafrans without lawful justification and still ran to court to obtain fictitious order to detain those they arrested who managed to escape being killed by them. It was not a surprise to many that after the "Python Dance" they carried out in Biafra land against Biafrans which claimed several lives, that  the Nigerian Army went to court and obtained an order to proscribe the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist group despite huge evidence showing that the Nigerian Army violated the acts of Human Rights and committed genocide against Biafrans, and instead its unlawful acts should be seen as terrorism against Biafrans, they turned around to tag freedom fighters (IPOB) who are not armed neither have killed anyone terrorists.

The failure of the Nigerian judiciary to do the needful has resulted into massive  killings of innocent souls who have not committed anything that warranted death penalty. History will not forgive the conspiratorial  handlers and falseful interpretation of these unlawful killings by Nigerian soldiers under the watch of  Nigerian judiciary pretending to be working under the tenets of international advertised democratic system of government.

The world should as a matter of urgency, look into the activities of the Nigerian judiciary who  abate and aid the killings of unarmed Biafrans and unlawful detention of presumed enemies of the present government of  Nigeria led by  President Muhammadu Buhari. The collapse of Nigerian judiciary no doubt marks the end of Nigeria as no country can stand without solid judiciary system. The hope of  a common man is now in jeopardy,  lives and property of the masses in Nigeria are now at the mercy of the Fulani oligarchy, and the cry call for total separation and liberation of Biafrans who are the prime target in Nigeria gets louder by the day.

By Solomon Iwejuo

For Family Writers Press

Edited by: Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For Family Writers Press.







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