The Moral Burden Before The Security Council Of The United Nations 2

Revolution, the genocide, blockades, starvation and well synchronized bombardment by presumably a front liner in the formation of United Nations and the entire Arab world against Biafra, would speak volume of complicity of UN and her agencies in the 60s war of extermination against my people. The Biafrans. This the UN can't deny.

The uniform silence of the world Super Powers and Security Council members, mandated to police the earth and hold down dictators and hostile nations in the 60s war of genocide and attrition against peaceful people of Biafra can never be said to conform with UN mandates. That was an act of negligence, an indictment and complicity against Biafra in the 60s.
Now, how about our approach to UN rules in this 21st century?.

The United States of America should quickly make haste to withdraw and close down their Military base in Germany and apologise to Hitler and Germans for invading their land and crushing down Nazism should the evil continue in Biafra unabated and our referendum delayed. There should be no basis for such Military presence in Germany if US cannot galvanise same force mobilised against Hitler on behalf of Biafrans. I don't think there is any difference between Hitler's campaign against mankind and British/Nigeria campaign against Biafra.




UN Secretary-General

The Moral Burden Before The Security Council Of The United Nations 2

This is the heavy moral burden facing the US and members of the Security Council, good a thing, Great Britain is a member. The Biafrans has every thing it takes to resist tyranny and organised evil against her since 1914 amagalmation by the British. The UNSC must call to order the uncivilised and outdated UK manipulative ventures in Nigeria, for Biafrans can stand tall against any colonial adventures. This the UN can't shy away from, and this Biafrans are watching and waiting to be enforced.
That rules applied against Adolf Hitler.

We are mindful and with total adherence to UN rules, same rules must be upheld by same UN, or the UNSC may have to form another alliance to fight so many Hitlers. There are so many ways to fight for freedom. And Biafra got them all. But the reality remains, that whatever goes up must surely come down. This is the time for UNSC to act and act fast. We need our #referendum NOW.

Mike Okoria; writing for justice, liberty and freedom.




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