The Inept Disposition Of The United Nations Towards Secessionist Agitations Globally

Western Sahara from Morocco, amongst many others. In Europe, agitations for independence remain the same. Catalonia from Spain and
Scottish Minister, Nicola Sturgeon
Scotland from United
Kingdom. In the Middle East, it is wave of agitations resulting in armed conflicts between the Kurds and Iraqis.

In all these, virtually across every continent of the world, the United Nations has disappointedly chosen to align with oppressive governments of the "mother nations", to exert enslavement policies on the agitators which is tantamount to the blatant violation of United Nations charter that is vividly supporting the right of the indigenous people groups to self-determination. One outstanding question which has remained yet unanswered is: what has for over a decade running now, really incapacitated the United Nations in enforcing her clearly spelt out international laws and conventions, guiding self-determination in all these agitation ravaged regions? It has adequately been chronicled that the people of Biafra started placing demands for Biafra sovereignty since 30th of May 1967, even under the duress of a genocidal war but it should be noted that the desire   to conclusively and victoriously push for the total restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra can never be alternated or quenched.

It therefore should be made explicitly known to the United Nations, European Union and African Union parliaments, that global peace and security will remain a mirage if there exists in whichever region of the world, indigenous people yet endlessly agitating for political independence from colonial boundaries.  In fact, the pretentious stand and the complicit silence of the above mentioned world bodies over Biafra agitations all over the world, amount to   a mockery of the people's sensitivity and bizarre conspiracy against global peace. All these agitations are gradually snowballing into civil unrests, armed conflicts and militancy, as can be seen in different parts of the world. It remains surprising therefore, to yet fathom what is so sacrosanct about the sovereignty of countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Angola, Iraq and Spain, that the United Nations is foot-dragging in stepping into these potential challenges to proffer permanent solutions. The world body should know that the peace and security of the entire global community far exceed the so-called sovereign status of these oppressive governments including that of Nigeria and Britain.

Now is the ample time for her to eschew docility, ineptitude and complicity by courageously enforcing her laws own and protocols governing self-determination/rights of the indigenous people. Biafra independence and that of many others in different regions of the earth that are relentlessly demanding secession, should be allowed without further delays. One thing is paramountly certain and that is, whether Biafra, Ambazonia, Cabinda, Oromo, Zanzibar, Scotland, Kurds, Western

Sahara and Catalonia, secede or not, they strongly remain existent here on planet earth as God's own created nations and will not cease to be integral parts of the United Nations. She should rightly take her place and appropriately do the needful so that this world would remain a place free from hatred, catastrophe and death.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



United Nation GA

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press
23rd December 2018

There cannot be any other potential threat to global peace and security today besides the prevalent wave of damning seccessionist agitations, including that of the Biafra restoration struggle.  There has really been voracious gale of agitations from millions of Biafrans both within the West African sub-region and virtually every other part of the world, resiliently demanding for the unfettered restoration of the untainted ancient sovereignty of Biafra  which was lost to European colonialists. Biafra ancient sovereignty was lost in 1888 during Berlin Conference chaired by the then German Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck. The ancient land of Biafra was ceded to Great Britain as part of her colonies. Britain forcefully took over the control of all Biafran territories without the consent and approval of the indigenous populace. However, Biafra armed forces which massively defected from the arrangement of British colonised Nigeria and led by the late people's General, Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, attempted to restore this lost glory few years, after the colonial era elapsed in 1960. In the genocidal conflict levied by the Nigerian government with the full backing and supervision of Harold Wilson of Britain and her foreign allies against the people, new Biafra nation, was criminally truncated. That Nigerian government orchestrated war under General Yakubu Gowon, raged only within the territories of Biafra, with land, air and sea blockades, resulting in the declaration of armistice by the Biafra armed forces to forestall further death of Biafrans which had a recorded account of over 3.5 million precious souls lost, including children, women and men. Their death was occasioned by despicable acts of denial to access food and medicine within the thirty (30) months war period (July 1967 - January 1970.

Biafra War5

It was this armistice proclamation by the  then Biafra Interim Head of State, late General Philip Effiong that led to the relinquishment of sovereignty on January 1970, stem the devastating effect of combined superior firepower of the Nigerian armed forces and their foreign allies/mercenaries on Biafrans. From that year till date, there exists unabated wave of demands of the people of Biafra globally, to have the nation's sovereignty fully restored. Standing on this strong desire of the people, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a revered Jewish leader of Igbo Biafran extraction, with British citizenship, strenuously labored to assemble Biafrans under the umbrella name of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, to fulfill that mandate. This massive peaceful indigenous movement, created the needed awareness before the international community concerning Biafra Independence. IPOB  as ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has petitioned various global players including United Nations, European Union, African Union,   governments of the United States of America, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Israel and Russia over Biafra independence from the British enterprise called Nigeria. Yet, the leadership of the United Nations particularly, has maintained docility and ineptitude in taking remedial steps. This inept disposition of a supposed active world body towards myriads of secessionist agitations globally, is conspirational against global peace and tranquility. This judgement ideally stems from it's deafening silence over the cries and pains of oppressive and near-annihilative policies persistently being orchestrated against indigenous peoples spread across the globe, whose interest and well-being ought to have been accorded paramount attention.

Within the African continent, prevalent agitations for self-determination have assumed damnable proportions. These range from Ambazonians from Cameroon, Cabinda people from Angola, Oromo people from Ethiopia, Zanzibar people from Tanzania,


The Inept Disposition Of The United Nations Towards Secessionist Agitations Globally

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