The Gabon Failed Coup And The Possible Nigerian Role 

Nigeria of recent is receipted of involving heavily in either positioning as a coup fund channel of passage or being a ground for hatching coup plotters.  On 15th July 2016 Turkey failed coup,  Nigeria was seen providing herself as a channel of the coup fund via one of her bank (UBA).  Nigeria's role got Turkey infuriated that Edorgan (Turkey President)  demanded that Turkey Schools operational in Nigeria whose Bank Account in UBA should be closed down in Nigeria.  Nigeria in defending her refusal of Turkey demands,  requested that Turkey should seize any sympathy she had to Biafran people. Because Turkey needed stability and also an Islamic State,  she gave in.

Most people heard of coup in small Central Africa nation of Gabon, but unfortunately no one seems to think off the box or asked questions why the coup, who might have played a role and why did the coup not survived less than 24hours. Well we are giving education that programme our minds towards "hursling for the day meal", and whatever happens around us seem not to be that important to us.  I stand to be countered with better presentation on my ground that Nigeria took part on the failed coup in Gabon.  I will give my reasons which might make sense to you today or not,  but surely time will justify you or I.  


I will not dwell much on the known ongoing debate that the president of Gabon is a Biafran. That line of "rumour" though at gossip stage earlier before now,  was made an official debate before the 27th August 2016 Gabon presidential election.  The rumour was promoted heavily which Nigeria's role in amplifying that rumour via sponsoring opinions on that can't be overemphasized.  The plan of using that "Biafra origin" of the President to disqualify him from contesting never succeeded as western countries and the Gabon electorial body qualified the embattled president.  When the president scaled through the electoral body,  BBC and others did series of media campaign against the president with aim of encouraging Gabonese to "vote against a foreigner who is an adopted son of the late President". 

When Biafrans in Gabon felt what post Ali Bongo Ondimba Gabon would mean for their interests,  they mobilised their resources and contacts in making sure Ali Bongo Ondimba won the election.  Biafran billionaires in Gabon brought out their cash and contacts to support Ali Bongo Ondimba re-election project which succeeded. The role of Biafrans in bringing back Ali Bongo Ondimba on his seat led to the post election riot that destroyed somany Biafrans buisinesses by supporters of Ping. The threat was escalating till Ali Bongo Ondimba's government deployed state apparatus in nipping down the threat on Biafrans in Gabon. 

During this time,  I was in contact with a Biafran in Gabon who is an Ipobian. He narrated to me how Gabon government sympathises with Biafrans plights and how Biafra Television enjoys smooth airwave in Gabon.  He shared with me how IPOB Gabon is waxing strong and fair treatment from Ali Bongo Ondimba's government and Gabonese. I felt I could buy palm wine for Ali Bongo Ondimba for standing for oppressed people of Biafra.  I understood that same Gabonese government was passing through heavy pressure from Nigeria via Cameron to stand hash and hard on IPOB activities in Gabon which the pressure appears weightless as Nigeria has no place of influence on Gabon than the emitted "giant of Africa" laughable mantra. 




Gabon Failed Coup

The Gabon Failed Coup And The Possible Nigerian Role

Nigeria I know never stopped in planning on better way to retaliate neither did Ali Bongo Ondimba ever soft pedalled on his ground of maintaining cordial relationship with Biafrans. Nigeria believes that countries within that region should be loyal to her as a geopolitical strategies. That have been the reason of Nigeria's wastage in Cameron and Equatorial Guinea, all aimed at controlling southern Biafra neighbors so as to maintain seige of Biafraland. She most times tries to discourage these countries from engaging with US, Israel and those she felt are endemic to her oppression on Biafran people.  It looks Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea are not really defining their grounds due to various internal dynamics within them. For instance,  the Ambazonian struggle for independent in Cameron forces Cameron to be calculative in her foreign policy on Biafran course as to her,  any miscalculation could forced Amba freedom fighters getting trained by IPOB on the later sophisticated strategies. So to Cameron, the best thing is not to meddle in Biafra course.  To Equatorial Guinea, she understands that the Igbo tribe who are part of the ethnic groups that made up the country will not smile at the government that will indorse the destruction of her mother body in Biafraland. To avert domestic revolts from Igbo tribe of Equatorial Guinea, the government maintained neutral. 

But in the case of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba never mind to know if Nigeria has a concern on her operation of her foreign policies.  She brought in American soldiers and gave them a base in Gabon which to Nigeria,  it is an unreasonable and unpardonable crime to see America soldiers hosted in Gabon. Abuja feels that Gabon means no good for Nigeria as Nigeria understands how important this region is to her,  considering how she maximized the region during the civil war that led to the lost of Bakassi Peninsula to Cameron.  She thinks US presence in Gabon means no good to her geo-politics. Nigeria felt Gabonese government has crossed the Rubicon and must be stopped by all means,  when Gabonese government indicated interest in having Israel fully on her soil.  This is a red line for Nigeria which must be stopped.  On 26th December 2018, Gabon Vice President Dr. Pierre-Claver Maganga Moussavou visited Israel and the "two countries discussed strengthening bilateral relations in agriculture, water management, and energy, among other areas. The meeting was part of the deepening of Israel's relations with African countries", Israelnationalnews quoted.

What else would make Nigeria get convinced that Gabon means no good to her "interest" in the region.  Having giving IPOB in Gabon fair treatment,  hosted US Army and now inviting Israel to register a footprint in Gabon? "No! Present Gabonese government must go by all means", Abuja fumes!  Unfortunately,  she think supporting a coup against friend of US and Israel is done with ragtag and demented brain of Aso Rock.  You need a supersonic brain to scale through such plot against friend of US and Israel.  Naira was pumped but advance brains intercepted that madness. Less than 24hours of the coup, the plotters were killed and arrested while normacy returned to Gabon. Who lose? Wasted Naira!!!

Can you imagine that a coup happened in nearby Gabon and Nigeria government couldn't condemned it?  Are they still in shock of the failed coup?  Well, it is called "failed coup" and the world, Biafrans and IPOB have moved on to the main Business which is Biafra restoration project.  Nigeria should go for tutorials on doing things well as the world has left cow republic way of doing things centuries ago.





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