The Fear of One Nigeria is the Beginning of a Knowledge

I was awake around 2am and then I began to imagine what even brought us together as Nigerians.

I was imagining if Buhari is doing this in his first tenure yet looking for reelection, what will become of us if he goes in for a second tenure?

Till now, we are not yet certain of what Sen. Abaribe did that warranted his arrest yesterday.

2. Giving us a budget of #172 billion naira for construction of cattle ranches in every state of the federation.

3. Two weeks ago, the presidency successfully removed Nigeria from international Christian organizations.

4. Where is Nnamdi Kanu? 

5. Sen. Dino and Saraki have been shut up with the allegation of sponsoring armed robbers and were indirectly forced to sign the 2018 budget the senate refused to sign because of so much means of embezzlement found in the budget.

6. Those two judges their houses were ransacked and subsequently got arrested, where are they?

7. Borders are now being opened for ISIS members in Nigeria yet nobody seems to care.

8. Those men sentenced to death because they killed a Fulani herdsmen in defense yet those Fulani herdsmen had been killing thousands without an attempt of arrest.


9.. The 76 billion for president's haircut for the year 2018, nobody is talking about it. If you divide it by 365 days, it will be around #208,219.78. So the president uses above two hundred thousand naira daily for haircut? Even if he's a crocodile?

10. Recently, the federal government through the ministry of education is going round secondary schools in the county for what they called Quality Assurance Inspection Exercise. Surprisingly, in the forms given to school heads to fill, they craftly but consciously put all categories of schools except christian schools. So many different kinds o Islamic schools were included in that form and properly designed but all Christian schools were instructed in the form to tick "conventional type of schoo". Chritians schools have designations and categories, why should it be lumped together as conventional if not for easy islamization?

11. Out of Alla the girls dramatically kidnapped at Dapchi, Lea Shaibu still stands out as the only one yet to be released simply because she is a Christian and has refused to deny and denounce her Christian faith Even the kidnapped girls that were released came back with well-sewn hijab and neatly packed bags ,the content of which God only knows.

Well,one thing is certain: the gates of hell cannot prevail against the church of Christ. And the Igbos will keep rising from glory to glory. As for this entity called Nigeria, only God knows what will become of it soonest.




The Fear of One Nigeria is the Beginning of a Knowledge

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