The Country You Will Never Miss

Written by Chika Austin
Edited by Oby Mboma
11th December 2018

Recently I was confronted with a question from one of the pro Nigeria apologists on the issue of Biafra and, “the need for Biafrans to champion our Biafran resources into making Nigeria great”. I laughed lightly at him as those who know me understand too well that my laughs are audible and pronounced. I chose to describe my expression as “light laugh” as I do know that it was smile I gave to him! I felt I should bring up my reasons for hating Nigeria and working assiduously for the emergence of Biafra homeland to him. After having some periods of discussion with him, he exclaimed, “Nigeria is a country I will never missed”.

That is how many of us were earlier to date over Nigeria’s issue. We out of the indoctrination of the church which stated that we “pray for those in authority” even when things are awfully going bad. That we took hook line and snicker without applying basic sense to it. Today, our failures to be critical to the irresponsible governments and ethnic bigots that wrecked down the contraption has brought us all where we are today. Nigeria is irredeemable as she has crossed the rubicon and is presently heading to abysmal point.  In our stupid fatalism, we thought angels will savage Nigeria without knowing that angels are for celestial business and not for material world.


This is not religion prophecy I am making below, rather by all logical notion, a prediction birthed out of various socio-political events ongoing in the false geographical context called Nigeria. Nigeria as we know it today is getting worse than Somalia. In fact, U.S has re-opened her embassy in Somalia while in the vain shutting down hers in Nigeria despite the deceptive postures of Nigerians that “all is well”. Nothing is well neither will anything later be well! The evil entity is positioned for collapsed, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.


Nigeria didn’t only ruin her structurally, but most serious segment of this vicious circle ruin



is her disappointment of her citizens on path of social contract. Today, the country which supposed to protect her citizens is the one using state apparatus in maiming and subjugating her citizens into untold tortures and abuses. Even those machineries of torture and subjugations are not equally left unpunished by the same government through the later compromise with Boko Haram insurgency. Death is just like a normal thing in Nigeria presently. No one asks who died, rather the question is “how many died”.

Such country is not futuristic no matter the cosmetic makes ups effort by the government through the fake news platforms of Lagos/Ibadan Express road “brown envelop newspaper companies”.  Everyone knows that Nigeria has failed them and maintenance of such monumental evil structure is a huge threat to humanity and Africa. If soldiers fighting the Boko Haram could took to their heels sighting Boko Haram, how then would you convince me that ordinary citizens would fight for Nigeria.

What you see today as one Nigeria support is just a mere political chanting devoid of patriotism. Hunger, disappointment, frustration and death have forced Nigerians lost fate in the contraption. Everyone knows this as the only fear to the non-Biafrans making up Nigeria is what would be their fate if the “Igbo leave” the country.

But how far could this fear hold on? The Europeans equally felt same when the Jews left Europe during the clamp down of Jews in Europe. But does their fear obstruct the exit? Absolutely no! Instead of this obsession, the rest of Nigeria should embrace this certainty and reality of the future and devised a means to live without Biafrans. It is a height of deception for anyone to think that we (the Biafran) people will quit or give up to the restoration project. Such wish or hope amount to illusion and futility.

Written by: Chika Austin
Edited by: Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media
Published by: Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media

The Country You will not miss

The Country You Will Never Miss

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