Nigeria Amalgamation1
Details of Nigeria



Aburi Talks1
Aburi Meeting to Avert Nigeria Biafra War


Dim Ojukwu33
Lt. Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu's Press Conference On Aburi Meeting


Awolowo and Ojukwu
Extract of Meeting Between Chief Awolowo team and Chief Ojukwu team at state House, Enugu on Satureday 6th May 1967


Nzeogwu's Declaration of Martial Law - January 15, 1966

Who Killed Major Nzeogwu?


Biafran Flag
Biafra in Retrospect: Still Counting the Losses


Ikemba Ojukwu
I am the Final Biafran Truth – Ojukwu


Biafran Flag3
The Principles Of the Biafran Revolution Known As The Ahiara Declaration


Biafra Badge
Biafra National Anthem


Biafra Leader 3
Nigeria’s Post-Civil War Reconciliation


Yakubu Gowon
How Yakubu Gowon Caused
The Nigeria-Biafra War



Gowon and Ojukwu 2
NO VICTOR NO VANQUISH:  A Trick by Nigeria to Subjugate Biafrans


Biafra war2


Biafra war


Biafran Children 6




Biafran Children 5






Biafran Children 10


Biafran Children 11


Biafran Children 12


Biafran Children 13


Biafran Children 14


Biafran Children 15




Ojukwu in Military Meeting


Ikemba Ojukwu 2


Ikemba Ojukwu 3


Ikemba Ojukwu 4


Gowon with War Chart


Biafran Army


Biafran Women Soldiers
Biafran women soldiers


The Biafra 10


The Biafra 11


The Biafra 12


The Biafra 13


The Biafra 14


The Biafra 15


Biafran Children 4
A man carrying a dead child believed to be a relation


The Biafra 16


The Biafra 17


The Biafra 18


The Biafra 19


The Biafra 20


The Biafra 21


The Biafra 22


The Biafra 23


The Biafra 24


The Biafra 25


The Biafra 26


The Biafra 36


The Biafra 28




Biafran refugees 5 Aug 1968 (AP)

Biafran Children 3

Head of Biafra - Ojukwu

Biafra Emblem
Biafran Emblem in Black and White

Biafran Flag
Biafran Flag

Gowon - the General
Lt. - Colonel Yakubu Gowon
Head of Federal Republic of Nigeria

Nigeria Flag
Nigerian Flag

How the North planned Nigeria break-up
before Nigeria Biafra War


How the North Tricked Middle Belt to Fight Igbo

Biafra in Retrospect (I): Still Counting the Losses

Biafra in Retrospect (II): Still Counting the Losses

Biafra in Retrospect (III):
When Mediators Became Obstacle to Peace

Biafra Genocide and Why We Must Live By Persuasion

Why Biafra and Not a Confederal Nigeria

How fear of Japan diminished Biafra – Nwokedi

Unsuccessful Biafra: Is Nigeria Better Today?

OJUKWU: Before another leader comes

Ironsi’s widow Slams Danjuma - VULTURE WILL EAT YOUR CORPSE!

Benjamin Adekunle: The man who murdered sleep!

I Did Not Dislike Igbos, But I Had A War To Win

We need Biafra of mind, not physical –Ohaneze Youth Leader

Obasanjo's historic visit to Amichi

Obasanjo Blames Biafran War on Nigerian Society

Let’s Avoid the Mistakes that Led to the Civil War

Obasanjo Wants Conflict Centre In Amichi

Nigerian Civil War: Obasanjo Unveils Unity Plague

Biafra, Nigeria, and the Road not taken

After Biafra, the new agenda

Civil war: Akwa Ibom demands compensation

It's Time to Put Civil War Experience Behind Us

Igbo won’t apologise over civil war, says Okorafor

Ojukwu Defends Nigerian Civil War

We Fought to Make Nigeria Better, Says Ojukwu

Ajaegbu condemns Kalu on apology

Kalu Didn’t Apologise Over Biafra, Says Terry Waya

Apology Over Civil War: Terry Waya Defends Orji Kalu

President Obasanjo and Biafra Fixation

Calls for Biafra Unnecessary

May 30, Biafra Independence Day

MASSOB to Continue Struggle for Biafra

NONI Remembers the Dead Igbo of the Nigeria- Biafra War









The Biafran War                                       Nigeria Biafra Civil War

Biafra Bomb Victims (Ukpaka Reports)
Biafran Civilians Bombed with Chemical Bomb
by a Nigerian Jet Bomber





























































































































The Biafra 27




The Biafra 38


The Biafra 37


The Biafra 29


The Biafra 30


The Biafra 32


The Biafra 33


The Biafra 31


The Biafra 34


The Biafra 35