It was never by chance nor by mistake that my forefathers coined the phrase or The adage; "Igbo bu Igbo", directly or indirectly warning us their descendants that indeed there are Igbos who are actually Igbos and on the other hand, there are equally Igbos who are not Igbos. This does not in any way suggest nor promote superiority nor inferiority of any group of Igbos against the other as many evil ones amongst us would want to pollute the statement to eradicate the Truth, but rather the phrase or adage are just but a clear message or warning from my ancestors that there are indeed wolves in sheep clothing's amongst us; Caucasians and seeds of Neanderthal amongst us, who looks like us, speaks the same language with us, eat the same food with us, and even came from the same womb with us but yet are not part of us, they are spiritually and in most cases biologically Caucasians. No wonder our ancestors warned us in another adage of theirs that; "Ofu nne na amu ma na oburo ofu chi na eke".

This category of aliens are here only to protect the interests of their people; The Caucasian people, ensuring that all their policies prevail over us and ours. I am not speaking parables here now but i am going very literal with my words now, listen to me ye children of my father let me tell you a true life story of what happened in this very land of our fathers in the past. The reptilians indeed came to this very land but they never left with all they came with, to us they only left the poison called Christianity(Religion) and also a government to protect the religion, but i tell you they left even more behind. The already aforementioned two were instituted only to protect the real weapon which they left behind; "THEIR OFFSPRINGS". These beasts literally impregnated our women and in some other cases, literally gave out their daughters who literally fell in love with Igbo sons, for it was these bloodlines of theirs in addition to the already gathered akalogheris of the society that the Caucasians declared the Warrant Chiefs. sorry i meant Warrant Thieves. It was these warrant thieves which later metamorphosed into the present day Igbo kingship and political class/system, positioned only to serve the interest of the west; The Caucasians.

By their fruits they say you shall know them, so what exactly can you say about the fruits of these ones on this pic..?, are they truly the fruits/seeds of my ancestors..? Of cause not. I have said this before and will continue to say it over and over again, it is not every one you see with Nzu and Edo that is Dibia or an igbo priest, it is not every Dibia you see that works with or for igbo land/spirits, it is not every one you see with red cap that is a traditional person or an elder, for indeed things have actually fallen apart and the center is no where to be found, seriously hidden from the eyes of many.

Over 90% of the present day igbo traditional rulers and titled men are all aliens, belonging to one cult or the other, majority of them being of the reptilian seed, for that was the game plan; to plant their seeds above and within us, making sure they remained in power via the enslaving religious and political structure, they equally raise icons for our children in same light. Make no mistake, majority of these Igwes were planted via politics, under the term "Autonomous" , That is the degree of the mess that we are into; IGWE JEESO, IGWE YAHWE, IGWE FREEMASON, IGWE ECK, IGWE SHABAT, and the rest of them masquerading within Omenala Igbo.

Wake up ye sons and daughters of my ancestors, wake up my queens, kings, princes and princesses, wake up my priests and priestesses for the appointed hour is fast approaching.

The Almighty EZE CHIUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA is wise!!!!
19th September 2018



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