Well Done o o o o  Biafras
Sit-At-Home - A Huge Success
Everywhere in Biafra Land – A Ghost Town

IPOB Sit-At-Home

"Biafra Struggle has Given Every Common man in the street Hope" - Femi Fani-Kayode Opens Up, Congrats IPOB members over successful Sit-At-Home
I congratulate the members of IPOB for a peaceful and successful "stay at home" protest today throughout the east. Major parts of the east were brought to a standstill and even parts of Rivers state. 

This was done in remembrance of the invasion of the home of my friend and brother Mazi Nnandi Kanu and his abduction one year ago and in honor of all the IPOB members that were killed on that occassion and that have been killed over the last few years. 

The courage of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, despite the injustice and tyranny they have been subjected to over the years, has inspired the entire nation and has given us hope. God will reward them.










The success of the sit at home order today 14/09/2018 by the formidable IPOB Led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is 100%. The owners of the land has decided and it's final. On Biafra Restoration. Those who are afraid in the land are those who are against Biafra Restoration.

Biafrans at home and in the diaspora, I am proud of you all.

Pictures everywhere confirming reports. We can not take any lies from the aldutrated, corrupt, Fulani controlled and Oduduwa infested media, we write our stories.

All busy areas and markets all across Biafra land were shut down. Total lockdown during the General Strike marking one year of the abduction of MNK, killing, massacre of innocent Biafrans, not to talk of the millions languishing in various evil dens called Prisons across Nigeria.

It is high time the Government and Security of this zoo know that they can not win this battle. Please surrender now and support referendum because there will be no election in Biafra land without referendum.



UN and other international organizations, we just reiterated the facts that we mean business by another successful civil disobedience.

Biafrans, thank you and God bless you all in Jesus name.

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Another Successful Mock Referendum In Favour Of Biafra Restoration


Eastern and Southern Nigeria Locked Down

Mass action in eastern and southern Nigeria, ordered by the Nigerian separatist group - Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), paralyzed Businesses, schools and movements. In August 2018, IPOB announced that there would be a closure of businesses and activities in "BiafraLand" on 14 September, to mourn those killed during 'Operation Python Dance II' conducted last year by the Nigerian army. "Today, we locked up our stores, our businesse, and schools in mourning for our brothers and sisters murdered by the Nigerian government. They were killed and our leader Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped by the Nigerian army because of Biafra... And we are using this action to show the world how much we want a referendum for Biafra," Mrs Akwaoma said in a telephone conversation with Julia Silvester of Africa Guardian.






The September 14th Sit-At-Home strike has come and gone. Thanks be to God it went most successfully to the chagrin of Nigerian government. Intimidating security presence not withstanding, every Biafran confined himself within the vicinity of his house to avoid the blood thirsty Nigeria gendarmes and its Gestapos.

The whole province of Biafra gave good account of themselves as can be seen below:

1). Abia Province. 100%

2). Akwa Ibom Province. 95%

3). Anambra Province. 100%

4). Bayelsa Province 95%

5). Cross Rivers Province. 85%

6). Delta Province. 90%

7). Ebonyi Province. 90% 

8 ) Enugu Province. 95%

9). Imo Province 90%

10) Rivers Province. 100%

11) Igbanke 70%

12) Idoma. 75%

13) Igede. 70%

13) Igala. 70%

The scores are in accordance with our recordings, findings and opinions, resulting from the structured questions and answers from our responds and, therefore are not in confrontation with any other empirical evidences which should of course, be subjected to a universally accepted statistical test.

We came, we saw and we conquered. The compliance was awesome. God bless, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, God bless, IPOB Worldwide, God bless Biafra!




Sit-at-home: Kanuʼs lawyer mourns victims of Operation Python Dance II

Nnamdi Kanu and his Lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor3

...Wants UN, EU, Israel, Britain, others to probe events leading to Kanu’s disappearance

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue, Chief Editor The Biafra Times

15th September 2018

ABUJA - Lawyer to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor has mourned victims of Operation Python Dance II who met their untimely death last year September at the hands of agents of the Nigerian army.

In a statement released to The Biafra Times correspondent on Friday tagged “Remembering The “Black Day” At Afara-Ukwu And The Attendant Unending Agony,” in commemoration to the senseless massacre of innocent Biafra agitators and the continued missing of the IPOB leader, the legal practitioner bemoaned the ungodly desecration of the Afaraukwu palace by soldiers and the false narratives employed by agents of the government in concealing the atrocious act perpetrated at Kanuʼs home.

He pleaded with members of the international community, the European Union, United Nations and other well-meaning international organizations to quickly intervene and trigger serious moves for the unravelling of the whereabouts of Kanu as well as all those killed during last year’s military invasion in Umuahia.

According to Ejiofor, “the freshness of the wound orchestrated by the military operation still remains fresh in his memory and I can perceive the blood of the hundreds of innocent civilians massacred by the Chief of Army Staff foot soldiers, at the behest of the Presidency.

“I can still hear the cries of these innocent blood; I can still feel the Agony; they are all very fresh in my mind.