Sad For The Yoruba Nation
By A Yoruba Man

Sad For The Yoruba Nation By A Yoruba Man

Did the Igbos put guns on anybody’s head before buying up Alaba, Ajegunle, isolo and Oshodi in Lagos?

Did they use juju before the Ibadan surrendered Iwo Road to them?

And what were we looking at before the Igbos took over Isida and Adeti in Ilesa ?

Where were the YORUBAS when the Igbos thrived and built 90% of the Hotels in Abuja. Was there a law that excluded the YORUBAS from selling building materials? Dei Dei building materials market in Abuja is 90 % Igbo owned.

Igbo go home 1

So the more we point one finger at the Igbos, the more we have the other four fingers pointing at our laziness and lack of initiative as a society.

The YORUBAS should have been better with all our education, but we may be worse that the Fulanis who just roam around the bush.

Why? Because we lack the entrepreneurship spirit. We just want salaries from doing 8am to 5pm job. We proceed in foolishness and we persist in hoping to reap plenty without sowing hard. The Igbos are different, hence we are now jealous and envious.

We love wasteful parties and Aso Ebi. Just a little business without even making any profit yet, we usually call musicians to spray money like coffetti .

Where are all the Board Members of Ebenezer Obey today? Where is lawyer Omoyinmi and Lanre Badmus? Where is Oroki Social Club of Osogbo? Where is Felates of Ilesa and the likes whose trade mark was to bring Sunny Ade to Ilesa every Xmas, to waste all income gathered for the year?

The Yoruba society wasted their leading lights on excessive consumption and wasteful attitudes. We wasted our capital on frivolous social gatherings.

We took religion to ridicoulous levels, such that the wealthiest pastors and churches are now Yorubas. But all the wealth extracted by the churches from the Yoruba nation is also merely flaunted to show whose God is the most miraculous.

So we have become paupers and destitutes, as the Yoruba nation cannot now pay salaries. Pensions are owed for years.

Tell me, is Osun State filled with human beings or goats to have tolerated Aregbesola, when they rejected Akande. Say it loud, is the Constituted Authority of Ibadan sane to just bring about 21 Obas from nowhere to receive salaries, where there is no money to reopen Ladoja Akintola University?


Are the Ondos so wise to have allowed Mimiko to devastate their terrain as to be now saddled with 12 months salary arrears? What of Ekiti with rabble rousing Fayose and the intellectually arrogant Fayemi?

Igbo go home 3

But the Igbos are hard workers. Let us not continue to deceive ourselves. 20 of their young boys can live in the shop from where they sell goods. There is no place too dirty or remote for them to hibernate and incubate their ideas. Give them 5 years, you will see them buy and take over all shops and lands.

True, some of them are criminals, but majority of the Igbo youths build and build physical structures away, while the YORUBAS are content with looking for salaried jobs, so that they can have siesta in the afternoons and then attend parties on Saturdays. Then spend Sundays in church wishing and praying for divine miracles.

How foolish, as the Igbo people are meeting and strategizing on Sunday, so that they can gather money and come and buy the houses and lands owned by our Yoruba fathers.

Whether we like it or not, Obokungbusi Town Hall will soon be on concessional PPP sale. The Igbos will buy it. The proceeds will be used to pay backlog of salaries owed to impoverished Ijeshas. It will come willy nilly.

It will happen even in a declared Oduduwa Republic. Afterall, the Chinese, the Lebanese and the South Africans are buying us out with reckless abandon. See how ShopRite is buying up everywhere. I heard that they bought Owena Motel estate in Akure. How come we did not sell it to the Igbos?

We shall continue to grumble and hate the Igbos until eternity. Unless we spy on them, copy their ways and imbibe their ‘can do’ attitude.

The Yoruba nation and society have been pauperised and destituted. In desperation, we shall soon start to behave like the Almajiris’ in the North.

In grinding poverty and out of jealousy, the Almajiris of the North regularly loot Igbo shops and businesses. Very soon Yoruba urchins will start looting too to show that they hate the Igbos.

Even some of us here will defend it to show our hatred for the Igbos. Whereas, the looting is as a result of hunger and uselessness of our society.

How sad for the Yoruba Nation.



Igbo go home 2

The Yoruba Flag Says It All

The flag of Yoruba tribe as you can clearly see it below is a perfect summary of what Yoruba tribe stands for in Nigeria and to Black race in general. The black colour in the Yoruba flag which represents black race or back people is clearly placed down to indicate that the major duty of the Yoruba people is to do everything within their power to continue to put back people down forever.

Some people will wrongly think that Yoruba people do not know what they are doing by putting the symbol of Black men down. It is not a coincidence, they actually know what they are doing, that is why Yoruba are the people who single handedly used their envy and permanent support for evil to destroy Nigeria, which is the most populated contraption of black people on Earth.

If the Yorubas want terrorism and corruption to end in Nigeria in just one day, corruption and and terrorism will cease to exist in Nigeria. Yoruba can achieve that simply and easily by withdrawing their support for Hausa Fulani style of evil government for over 55 years in Nigeria. And when that is done, herdsmen terrorists and Boko Haram terrorists will die natural death. All these terrorist groups are operating because Yoruba people are supporting those who are sponsoring the terrorists to continue being in government. The alliance of Yoruba and Hausa Fulani is the reason why terrorism and ritualism can never end in Nigeria as you can see the head of a beheaded man on Yoruba flag which is a sign of ritualism. The Unity of Hausa Fulani terrorists and Yoruba babalawo can never produce anything good, because they are all branches of one evil tree. So if you want anything good for yourself and your people, demand for a Referendum because the satanic alliance of Yoruba and Hausa will never end and Nigeria will continue to be evil country till the evil alliance is no more. 




Adeyinka Grandson can not tell you that the joy of a Yoruba man is not to progress but to envy someone else progress. Go to Ekiti, Osun, Ondo etc in Yoruba land, you will find out that the majority of them are beggars. They are competing with their Hausa Fulani terrorist allies on who will give birth to more beggars. All the Yoruba major cities were developed by Biafrans because Nigeria made it impossible for international seaport and international Airport to be in Biafraland due to the Nigerian fraudulent exclusive list.

The Yorubas know that they will progress when Nigeria is divided as it was before the colonial era but they will never accept the division because they will no longer have the opportunity or the power to continue their satanic job of putting black men down. And Yoruba people are perfect physical manifestation of Laziness. All they do is to hide under Nigeria and steal people's land as Nigeria Military took many Parts of Ijaw land and join to Yoruba land in Ogun, Ondo etc. While the Hausa Fulani have taken over Kwara state, Kogi state and soon they will also take over Ekiti state from Yoruba sophisticated cowards.

Adeyinka the babalawo son and the agbo seller knows fully well that Yoruba people are ashamed to be in a country called Oduduwa because Oduduwa who was the claimed founding father of Yorubas died shamefully in Yoruba Street as a mad man
~ I. Donald 



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