President Muhammadu Buhari, Boko Haram And The Silence Over The Attacks And Killings By Fulani Herdsmen

By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers
18th January 2017

The issue of the Islamic terrorist group called 'Fulani herdsmen is something known by every living creature. Both the deaf, blind and lame can testify to the fact the evils unleashed by this group is now beyond keepings record of. Same is the issue of the well know Islamic terrorist group in the world called 'Boko haram'.

Before Fulani herdsmen came to this point where they've gain strong stand and have also escalated to other parts of the country; during the early attacks carried out by this group, instead of wholesomely condemning the attacks, killings and also preventing further occurrence of such, President Muhammadu Buhari and the military gave them an indirect moral support by saying that those responsible for the attacks and killings are foreigners whereas they knew very well that the Fulani herdsmen from northern Nigeria were responsible for the evil act. It came to a point where they tagged it 'Clash between herdsmen and farmers'. Also looking at the angle of Boko haram, same was the case when they called it a social group.

But today; the dark cloud is becoming clear, the masked child is unveiling its true identity while on the other hand, those that were painting the black goat with white are now watching the dance of the goat and maintaining silence even when the dance is affecting and destroying the masses.

The attacks and killings carried out in recent times by Fulani terrorist group (herdsmen) is condemnable by anyone who have human sympathy and value the lives of fellow human being but the continuous silence by President Muhammadu Buhari have a lot of critical meanings with evil intentions attached to it. To me, his silence is just a confirmation that he wholeheartedly supports what the bloodthirsty demons in human skin are doing.

The most awful part of it is the recent attack in Southern Kanuda where 808 people were killed and these were mostly Christians but up till date, Muhammadu Buhari have not publicly condemn it just like he always rush to do when something which sometimes is not even up to such happen outside Nigeria. Is that a good action to taken by someone who call himself the president of a country and who mean well for the people?

On the part of Boko haram; the war against the group have been politicized to the point where the masses are forced to accept fallacy as the truth even when people are still dying every day in the hands of this deadly Islamic terrorist group. According to them; "Boko haram have been degraded and conquered" yet there are still quite numbers of attacks, killings and blast from the group but the National television and Medias don't report it because the Federal government told them not to.

Even down there in the war front; the soldiers are complaining of hunger to the extent that they admitted that hunger and suffering is killing them more than Boko haram itself but the Chief of Army staff and Muhammadu Buhari who are not in the war front said nothing of such exist.

Is that not aiding terrorism?

The question on the meaning of the situation of the attack carried out by Fulani herdsmen in Nimbo  community in Enugu state were the police who were alerted before the attack left the community and returned after the attack only to arrest and disperse the youths of the community who want to take revenge and were the president also maintained long silence over it, he is not yet given a meaningful reason and answer up till this moment. It amazed me how a President received a terrorist group's flag, romantically held it and lift it up in a public/government house and say Boko haram have been conquered when the supposed leaders and members haven't been captured.

Even the ones captured by previous administration have been released and someone still say he is fighting against terrorism. Now tell me, how many herdsmen have been arrested, detained and tried in the court of law since they commenced these attacks and killings?

Obviously, Non.

If now we begin to mention; we will absolutely end up mentioning some and leaving others because the evil is uncountable. But if after all these atrocities, evil and inhuman acts displayed by Muhammadu Buhari and others, you don't or are yet to know or believe that he is aiding terrorism, supporting the terrorists(both Fulani Herdsmen and Boko haram) and share same ideology with them, then you need a medical checkup.

The Biafra Herald


President Muhammadu Buhari, Boko Haram And The Silence Over The Attacks And Killings By Fulani Herdsmen

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