President Buhari and Family Are Big Scammers

Buhari's Daughter

According to the President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki who revealed that Buhari’s Daughter is a board member of NNPC.

As a board member her is salary is N6.7m. And you people get N30k monthly from N-Power and you hail Buhari.

May God Forgive You

The Senate President, also said that the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), led by President Muhammadu Buhari, lacks the vision, capacity and the patience to develop the country.

Saraki made the comment on Thursday when he led his Presidential campaign team on a courtesy visit to Governor Seriake Dickson at Government House, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

The Senate President asked Nigerians to replace the current leadership provided by the APC, saying that the party had caused disunity in the country

President Buhari and his family are big Scammers:

Buhari receives 101 million naira as a salary.

He wasted over 2 billion naira travelling abroad.

He wasted over 4 billion naira to rig Ekiti state election.

He wasted over 8 billion naira to Osun state election.

He instructed all the securities personnel to Maltreated PDP Members in Osun rerun election.

Buhari claimed not to have 55 million naira to buy presidential nomination form.

By the way, where did Buhari’s wife get the 2.5 billion aide defrauded?


Buhari Travelling Out

President Buhari and Family Are Big Scammers


What is happening now is not strange and not new. I sometimes, get miffed when people bleats about good old days.

Baba is currently operating from a manual used from the foundation of Nigeria.

Only few Nigerians knew that just about 3 years after independence, Nigeria had a very bloody election.

It was alleged that Bello-backed Akintola was used to humiliate a man that is practically a god in the west....Chief Awolowo. Awo would later be jailed by the northernisation agenda pursuing federal government led be a quite Abubakar who takes order from brash and charismatic Bello.

Bello,the man I believe Bujari has had a long time dreams of following his footsteps.

Note,the election was just about three years after independence.

Bello had his way,his stooge Akintola won a very very questionable election and sold the west out. 

Not only that,the mercurial Awolowo was jailed and humiliated.

I am also know that many of you are not aware that FFK'S father was among those used to humiliate Awo? Yea, his father was a stooge to the outside forces too.

This crises resulted in the term WILD WILD WEST because blood was flowing in the western region.

Remember, this was just about three years after independence.

Baba is playing from an ancient handbook of his grandfather.

Note, the west is not the only place boiling, the middle belt was also boiling....JS Tarka was also leading an uprising against what they called the domination of the middle belt by emperor Bello. Again note, this was just few years after independence.

The only relatively "unattacked" region was eastern region. Maybe because of the presence of some obviously deadly chaps from the region that have taken over the top echelon and intelligence department of the military as at then.

It would be a bigger risk trying to undermine them.

It is also pertinent to note that the biggest drive for Bello to pursue what he called northernisation agenda is simply his fears that Igbos and in fact the entire eastern region are dominating. He would rather have incompetent people driving the new nation than competent Igbos doing it.

I believed that if he had finished his conquest in the west, he would have turned east but I doubt if he would have succeeded.



Nevertheless, the rascal coup by Nzeogwu which is a culmination of the pockets of crises all over Nigeria gave his children and grandchildren the platform for the conquest in east,it was a huge success, ably supported by those who were initially under his suppression in the west and middle belt.

You see, it's a fraudulent narration of history whenever we say that the first unfortunate coup was the genesis of Nigeria problems, no it was not,the unfortunate coup was a response to the too many blood sheds and crisis already happening.

The only thing the coup did was this, it shifted the crises from the boiling western region and middle belt to eastern region that was not in any internal crisis.....and fostered a mirage of unity among the rest of the nation that were hitherto complaining about suppression from Bello's antics. From that coup, the new enemy became the eastern region.

I hope you are aware that there was jubilation in the west by westerners at the news that Akintola was killed in the coup?

I have gone to this extend to tell you this, our grammar won't do nothing, our frustration won't cut it. Our grandfathers gave out their generation. It might take some level of madness to reclaim it for the future generation.

By the time this crises narrated above was happening, my father was barley a teenager,today, his grandchildren are on their way of hitting their teenage years,yet a repetition of the crises stares us in the face..... and we think that our grammar will fix it?

All these press releases in ENUGU,IBADAN,PORTHACOURT, MARKUDI will change nothing. It will fix nothing.

When the nations within this geographic expression that has felt threatened since the beginning of independence are ready, they will add some level of madness on how they go about demanding for the freedom of their unborn children.

We might later come to agree that we need multiplication of 'mad and uncouth men' like Nnamdi KANU in every region that have felt aggrieved since independence to fix this "has never worked" nation.

Until the birth of those mad men that will not be pulled down by us, until all the socio-cultural groups that wield influences in about the four regions I am talking to stop press conferences and initiate civil disobedience that will halt this unproductive mill that have rolled for decades without products, and demand for mutual respect, rebooting or unbundling, let's manage the PVC play.

David O Ani



Buhari 15a
Buhari Fingers

Look At Buhari’s Fingers, Is He Not A Fraud?

Buhari Fingers 2

Just be candid to yourself ,look at these Hands of Buhari and tell me that, is the hands of someone of 84yrs or even 74yrs as Buhari claims 

These are Buhari hands and frankly is difficult to believe that Buhari can have these fresh hands.

This deception is too much to bear.

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What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?