Peter Ayodele Fayose and the Lesson Of How The South Can Defeat The British Designed Fulani Hegemony and Supremacy

By Sam Uche Okoro

This classic picture featuring 3 Nigerian political leaders exposes the entirety of Nigerian problems and all the solutions in one breath:

The Fulanis  (as represented by illiterate Buhari) are empowered by the British to be the eternal Masters of the rest of Nigerians. (Note that as is symbolic of this gathering, as is designed by Britain, the Fulani illiterate is premium leader but is unqualified to even be in this gathering, yet, he calls the shots)

The political/educated elites of the rest of nigeria (as represented by Rochas) are all pre- destined to be House niggers to Fulanis.  If an educated southerner renegades from serving the fulanis, he must have to go into economic exile, to serve the western Friends of the fulanis, and give to another mans country, all the energy of his youth.

NOTE: zoom the pix closer and see the very trepidation, panic, fear, giddiness and discomfort written all over Rochas. That is the condition in which a southern politician/elite subjugates himself and compromises to the fulanis, who actually FEAR the Southerners in truth.

Fayoses ideological disposition as the solution to southern challenges:  look closely in the picture again. See the boldness, directness and steady gaze of fayose at his problem (the fulani?) in School, we are thought that if you are given a problem, you must take time to gaze at the question.

The more you gaze, the more the question becomes ordinary, and the more you can subdue and solve it. That is exactly what Fayose teaches us, the Rochas of the south. 

When the white minorities of South Africa were roughing up the blacks, no one believed that the black will occupy Pretoria seat of Power ad-indefinitum. 

When Buhari was cutting every politician in nigeria to size, in order to execute his fulani supremacy action-plan, Fayose inconvenienced himself and simply refused to be conquered. He called Buhari out,  every step of the way.

He shouted loud against ALL his infractions. Buhari descended on Fayose, seized his personal GTB accounts, incarcerated his finance commissioner, Yet, fayose refused to be cowed.

Fayose passed the first anti-grazing bill, he boldly gathered hunters and publicly empowered them to kill fulani herdsmen, etc etc. Today, Buhari, like a lion, chased away by a bold gazelle, has retreated.

When Femi Fani-Kayode, was talking, and Buhari wanted to silence him, the EFCC started their usual "kwaraption" game, Fani was harassed, taken in and out of EFCC custody, but he shouted out against injustice the more. Today he has subdued the Fulanis and they kept the distance.

When Bukola Saraki executed a heist and took both legislative Chambers against their wish, they went after him; Corruption tribunal was on his matter 24/7, and EFCC was on his wife’s case.

He faced them square down, and through his sidekick, Dino Melaye, was troubling and exposing them- they went after Dino; certificate scandal, constituency recall, but Dino got even more emboldened than back down; today, pa Buhari and the fulanis fear  Dino like salt fears water.

Remember also, Wike's epic battles with them for the political control of strategic rivers state; of course, he beat them, and even got the extra trophy of a national party all to himself.

See Ortom of Benue, a former sheep of the Fulanis, beaten to a tight corner with his people facing extinction; he squared up to Buhari, the sultanate and all fulanis, and all of a sudden, he’s a strong great local politician who can’t be moved.

Back to the front; look into this picture; see in Rochas, what Southerners are doing wrong. See in Fayose, what the Southerners are to do to get it right!!

In this modern era, No politician with a power base has engaged the Fulanis in a direct supremacy combat and ever lost, infact, such a politician actually gets stronger in the process; this is a lesson for the south, so, why fear him, who actually fears you?.

The British can’t interfere directly any longer in our domestic battles, because of the power of social media.

This is the best Southerner's chance yet to break away from this evil Brito-Fulani pseudo-slavery yoke.

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Peter Ayodele Fayose and the Lesson Of How The South Can Defeat The British Designed Fulani Hegemony And Supremacy

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