Papa Ukwu!!!!! You Deserve plenty #Accolades

Papa Ukwu!!!!! You Deserve plenty #Accolades

Igbo's love for you will forever be GREEN!!

I said this the other day, that any Chieftaincy tittle that should be awarded to you MUST come from the Igbo Community and not just a state. You are one man that stands for #Ndi_igbo, The big Masquerade!!!! You have extended your hands to people who out of intimidations couldn't speak again for themselves.

When our leaders are busy looking for words that are politically correct in confronting evil, incompetence and marginalization...... You stood out and told the world that "THERE ARE WORDS THAT DO NOT HAVE ALTERNATE WORDS TO" in describing incompetence.

The greatest shame would have come to the Igbo land last year if not for you. We were in a hurry to submit to decrees that was against us because we were afraid. That's the truth!!!! We almost gave away a brother Nnamdi KANU because power was with the oppressor BUT Papa Ukwu stood for Ndi Igbo and saved our face once again. Papa believes that you don't throw the baby away with the dirty water and this is how an average igbo man should think.

We are grateful to God for making you #Onye_igbo. We are proud to have you as a son and father. A worthy ambassador of Ndi Igbo World Wide!!!! Distinguish Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe deserves some Accolades.

This is what Eruba-Chibuike Ebony said:

When i said politics apart, that i love this man, i meant it to the end.

Just yesterday at the Alex Ekwueme square, he moved a motion that annulled the PROSCRIPTION of IPOB, by the South East Governors Forum and it was agreed by all who were present at that gathering.



Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe
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