Ojukwu Didn’t Sell Off Biafra to Win a War But Gowon Sold Off Nigeria to Win a War

Ojukwu didn't use oil to bargain because he didn't want to sell off Biafra.

Gowon sold everything Nigeria could boast of just to win that war, he even sold off his own land to Fulanis and that's why his people are dying today.

If Ojukwu had sold oil to the West as Gowon did, he would have won the war but lost the future of his people.

Ojukwu loved his people more than winning the war cheaply.

He is a hero and should be honored for it.

Udo diri ndi choro udo

Tari Nemi




Ojukwu with Clerymen

Ojukwu Didn’t Sell Off Biafra to Win a War But Gowon Sold Off Nigeria to Win a War

Yakubu Gowon

General Yakubu Gowon

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