Now Nigerians will understand what The Freedom fighter Nnamdi Kanu always say ( Boycott all Elections in Nigeria) let's talk about the Unity of this ZOO Nation first, your PVC means Nothing, because it can always be rigged right in the front of Security men sent to protect.

INEC...... APC muslim
POLICE....APC muslim
ARMY......APC muslim
DSS........APC muslim

Nnamdi Kanu predicted these things to happen, but it is very unfortunate that a real prophet is always been neglected by his people.

At the time when he mentioned boycott the elections, they shouted "Crucify him! Crucify him!!", he's a fraud, he came to preach hate, how can he say Nigeria is a Zoo? How can he demand for Election boycott? How can he demand for Referendum? Kill him! Kill him!! He's preaching war!. Never did they know he was the Messiah they all craved for to unchain all from the Caliphate.

His presence was a horror for the caliphate. His words are thunderous. His charisma, determination to free his people is unchallenged and unrivalled amongst men. 

But 1 year after, it has dawned on all that the country they tried to protect is truly unsalvageable and not worth dying for. Those who called him names have come to the bitter realisation that he is right. Those who thought that "Voting" and their "PVC" would bring them "Change" have given up after the fiasco in Ekiti and Osun state which is an experiment for what will befall all in 2019 general elections. 


Now Nigerians will understand what The Freedom fighter Nnamdi Kanu always say ( Boycott all Elections in Nigeria)

Nnamdi Kanu power sign

For the PVC campaigners I won't forget you, hope you have seen what happened in Ekiti and Osun recently, where people are being imposed with governors, even with their PVC's. Now the one million dollar question is 'if such a day light robbery could occur in ordinary governorship elections, do you still think the number one position will be spared? You guessed right.

It's only an ignorant, illiterate, blind and mediocre that will still believe in Nigeria politics. For me my party is IPOB, my candidate is Nnamdi Kanu and my country is Biafra , now deal with that.

Enjoy your NLC strike my friends, it's equally a dividends of democracy. Happy NLC days.. Lol.

Governor Daniel Ebo.



Nigerian politicians have no ideologies at all except for their personal gains. What just happened in Ekiti and osun is just child play compare to what will happen in 2019. 

When a Nigerian Governor pays salaries, build roads etc they brag about it thinking they are doing you a favour, no it is not a favour but its their job, their responsibilities, they are being payed heavily for it, I don't praise people when they carry out their responsibilities.

It is indeed a shame, that at this age Nigerian politicians are still campaigning with roads, electricity, etc when they should be thinking about the growing rate of unemployment, economic failures, ways of increasing the standard of living etc. This is a clear indication that Nigeria as a nation has fail, it is not working and will not work.


Nigerian Politicians Have No Ideologies

But one thing is left unchallenged, 

Where is this man? Who took this voice away? 

Until Nigerians, men and women of good will come together to ask that question and demand to know those who abducted the lone voice in the wilderness, and also demand them to be brought to book, you will never ever be free. 

This picture is a representation of a man who is an embodiment of bravery, fearless-ness, intelligence and self sacrifice. 

Even on handcuffs, he was pointing and challenging Tyranny. His place has been sealed in history as a man who saw it all. 

Thank you Mazi Nnamdi Kanu! 
The bravest of them all.

Written by Henry Igwe Ogbudimkpa



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