Nobody Is Given 'The Pillar Sit' In IPOB

Some might be pondering on what Amarachi meant, by 'Pillar Sit'? Yes, Builders and Construction workers can discern the paramountcy and premier of Pillar to a magnificent building. They know, without the Pillar a building collapses, despite the standard of materials used on its erection. 

In IPOB led by Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, nobody is given the opportunity, to be 'The Pillar' of the struggle. Every individual in IPOB, is a body part of the building and can be replaced whenever he gets deteriorated, repeatedly goes against Principles or the functional capacity evaluation result is constantly unyielding, same way you replace a roof when it can no longer stop water leaks.

Every Principal Officer serving in various capacities, are the body parts of the struggle and not the Pillars, thus Biafra quest can not be terminated, if anyone derails or sabotages.

The Pillar of IPOB is the creator of the Universe Chukwuokikeabiamara, who guides our steps and directs our pathways. Any mortal who gives the false impression, that he/she is the pillar of IPOB, is the greatest liar of all time, for Nobody Is, Was or Will Ever Be The Pillar Of IPOB.

Before the emergence of IPOB Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it was prophesied and upon till today, his messages are being manifested.

Every group of Persons or Organizations have Principles guiding them and if you are not ready to abide, then you take the exit door.

Every strategy you bring to the table must be scrutinise by your superiors and if your proposals has a negative blow at the moment, it will be documented and used when needed.

Anyone who feels his proposals must be accepted by IPOB Leadership without perusal or dissection, must have a rethink, for the presence of heavy weight astute, sagacious and perspicuous minds, will give over a hundred reasons, how disadvantageous the application of those proposals outweighs its advantage.

You can only pull down a structure, when you are either the pillar or have a dominion over the pillar. Nobody was offered a Pillar Sit in IPOB, hence no one is irreplaceable.

When you are punished out of insubordination, fighting back is like water off a ducks back. Your tantrums can only be seen, but you shall fade away, for the spirit of hardcore's will make your online juvenile strength wax cold. Nobody decides the mind of God, that is why, no mortal has been able to stop Biafra quest.





IPOB gives all and sundry an opportunity to showcase their talents, but must be monitored. If you decide to swindle into the arms of the enemy to sabotage your people, you sure will be kicked into their arms. If you choose to wholeheartedly serve your people, you shall be constantly welcomed.

I must advice the Nigeria and British Government, to stop spending billions of dollars, just to infiltrate and halt the quest for Biafra, for it is totally impossible. Biafra is spiritually anchored and no mortal can stop her activities.

No matter how bad you think the Children of Israelites are, only God rods them and if you try helping him to lift the ark, you shall be crushed.

They jammed Radio Biafra London with Billions of hard currency, yet it is still resounding live on air.

They proscribed IPOB with the aid of In-House Traitors, yet the agitation is waxing stronger.

We have been killed in mammoth numbers, injured, our mother's detained and molested, yet we keep on moving.

The Success recorded in all facet of IPOB activities, is a clear indication that, nobody is the pillar of the quest.

No amount of accusations or counter accusations, can stop the quest for Biafra, for greater is he that holds the struggle.

IPOB appreciates the efforts of every individual working assiduously towards, Biafra restoration, but does not rest the success of her activities or Biafra restoration on the shoulders of anyone.

Any individual subjecting another into believing, he has the Pillar Sit or tags themselves as Pillars of IPOB, are downright and deep-dyed public nuisance, for no mortal possesses such position.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra have been in existence before the amalgamation of Nigeria, thus our Generation is here to restore our lost Glory and Biafra Nation, for no mortal possesses the power to stop us.

Written By Ibeh Gift Amarachi



Nobody Is Given 'The Pillar Sit' In IPOB

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