Nnia Nwodo And Ohanaeze Ndigbo Have Murdered Peace In Igboland

Written by Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
20th August 2018

On this day, 140 Igbo women between the age of 45-80, among them are nursing mothers (that are still breastfeeding their little baby) whose baby age are 5 months and above, were denied bail in court by the magistrate presiding over their case in our own land (Imo, Owerri, Igbo Land), while we have the likes of Nnia Nwodo, the entire Ohanaeze Ndigbo, South-East governors, all political class and all Igbo elders.

These old women of 50-80 years of age, were teargassed, assaulted, molested, shot live bullets at, and bundled into one God-forbidden state CID prison cell in Imo state (our land) by one uncircumcised HausaFulani idiot called Dansuki Galandanchi.

Some of these nursing mothers haven't breastfeeded their little babies for over four days since when they have been in detention till now, because the police denied them access to their family members and relatives.

Today in court, before the judge, one of the detainee who is pregnant started bleeding because of the hell she has been subjected to by Nigerian police, yet the judge denied her medical treatment and bail.

Another detainee slumped in front of the judge again yet, the same judge denied her medical treatment and bail.

How about the nursing mothers, they're not left out too.

Now which evil is bigger than denying that little baby, the source of his/her livelihood which is breast milk from the detained mother?
Are we are aware that this could amount to the death of these little babies?

Amidst all these calamities, the judge sent these old women back to prison until September 3rd which is the date for hearing of their case.

This is beyond being heartless, if I must spell it out for you. Chai!!! Africans are the most wicked set of creatures existing upon the face of the earth.

What a continent, what a country!!!

However, not even a mere word from Ohanaeze and their likes, get to the people in consolation to their pains.

I am so much pained and concerned about the grave silence of Nnia Nwodo and Ohanaeze Ndigbo, because Ohanaeze Ndigbo is not a political group. Ohanaeze was created to incubate the interest of the people culturally and socially, meaning that Ohanaeze is to see through the collective needs of the people especially when their lives are in danger.



Ohanaeze was busy watching from one corner, doing nothing while our mothers lives and babies are in grave danger.

Not even a word of condemnation nor action were taken by Ohanaeze admits these atrocities ongoing in Igbo land.

It's too awful that Ohanaeze Ndigbo has been turned into a political group, full of men who have sold their brain, conscience and soul to money.

How can Ohanaeze be playing politics with the lives of people who they're supposed to protect more especially our aged mothers?.

The truth is that Ohanaeze and their likes have murdered peace in Igbo land.

Ohanaeze have murdered justice in Igbo land and they (Ohanaeze) shall see justice no more.
Henceforth, peace shall be quadrillion miles away from Ohanaeze and their likes.

It's too saddening that nobody has came out to condemn this atrocities that are being committed in our sacred land today.

Our aged grand mothers are in detention, yet our actors, actresses, celebrities and their likes are mute, no words, no nothing... 

I can bet with with anything in life that this can never ever happen in the North. I tell you not only hell will let loose, heaven will fall if this happens in the North.

What is really happening to the indomitable Igbos?

How did we get to where we are today, Igbos?
I must say we have lost it in Igbo land.

Thank goodness for IPOB and their legal team, the only people who cared amidst this atrocities.

History and posterity will never forget that IPOB intervened for our brutally assaulted and molested mothers who took to the street to register their grievance for oppression and evil meted upon the Igbos and entire Biafrans by occupational murderous government of Nigeria.
History will also remember Ohanaeze Ndigbo, their likes and collaborators for their evil silence upon the face of the evil meted on our innocent mothers, entire Igbos and Biafrans at large. That Ohanaeze failed us once again when we needed them most.

Here I rest my case.



Nnia Nwodo And Ohanaeze Ndigbo Have Murdered Peace In Igboland

Nnia Nwodo And Ohanaeze Ndigbo
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