Nigeria’s Muslim President Downplays Jihad Attacks on Christians

Nigeria’s Muslim President Downplays Jihad Attacks on Christians

Auden Dillion composed this article in response to the headline above.

At last the civilised world has taken notice of the evil Jihadi intentions of the savage Fulani caliphate. Openly supported by the British Government because of their desire for unrestricted access to free crude oil from Biafraland, these Fulani beasts were allowed to kill, rape and pillage at will up until now. To the British, it doesn't matter how many people are killed to keep Nigeria one. It doesn't matter how many Christian churches are burnt, synagogues desecrated or communities cleansed. The only thing Britain is interested in is the money Royal Dutch Shell is bringing in from Biafra crude oil.

We must not go on deceiving ourselves any longer. Everything is about crude oil and what best serves British interest. Fulani terrorists, be they the cabal in Aso Rock today, their illiteracy facilitating Emirs, the Sultan himself, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association who are themselves the terrorists we know as Fulani  herdsmen are all foot soldiers for the British and Islam. Britain benefit directly from the Fulani reign of terror because after these cow loving animals from the Sahel must have finished slaughtering and terrorizing everybody in Nigeria to a state of stupor, Britain simply continues to suck their cherished oil without interruption. Britiain are the Gods that created Nigeria. To them, who is that black man or woman from Biafra to dare question a superior British white race that created Nigeria.

The existence of Nigeria is confirmation that white people will forever remain superior to we black Africans. I have never heard of a black man traveling to Europe to colonize them or create a country for them. If Britain can create  a country for you and me, give us names and determine who should rule us, you don't need Einstein to tell you that you are in no way equal to them. These are indisputable facts.

This Jubril they parade in front of us daily, the dead Buhari, Buratai and other armed Fulani brutes can go on killing innocent Biafrans and Nigerian Christians for ever and ever with no consequence because Daddy Britain is their patron. As long as Shell is collecting oil revenue on behalf of Her Majesty's Treasury in Whitehall London, then there is no problem. Britain will never allow any Fulani murderer like the late Buhari or Buratai to face trial at the Hague.

Following Brexit and the steady decline and eventual collapse of British industrial manufacturing base, free oil from Biafraland and commodities from other equally backward black African colonies remain Britain's only viable means of economic sustenance. Without crude oil exports from Biafraland, Britain will go bankrupt in 18 months, this is an economic fact.

A Nigeria under the dominant rulership of the illiterate unenlightened Fulani feudal lords is the perfect political arrangement that will allow successive British governments of whatever persuasion unfettered access to whatever this 'former' colony of theirs called Nigeria can yield. If you want to know what makes a black man truly foolish and idiotic, take your time and study Nigeria.

Britain is supporting the killing of Christians in Nigeria because they want to use Fulani natural tendency for terror to maintain their stranglehold on human and material resources in Biafraland. Illiterate Fulani feudal lords are the perfect British house slaves that will impoverish everybody to mask their own intellectual limitations as a race. When everybody is poor and forced to remain poor, nobody will notice the difference between the brilliant creative mind of a Biafran and the primitive nomadic disposition of your average Fulani. In all these murderous chaos and mayhem in Nigeria, there is only but one  beneficiary; Britain. As long as this black gold keeps flowing freely from Biafraland, to hell with the black African monkeys that inhabit the meaningless geo-political space named Nigeria.

This is something Nigerians are ignorant of because they are blessed with natural stupidity. What the creator of Nigeria has cleverly done is to get the filthy, intellectually backward Alimajiri north to democratise poverty, backwardness and idiocy, while they continue extracting oil, gas, salt, bauxite, gold, white and black mable etc.

Our creators the British-- they are our creators because they created Nigeria and made everybody Nigerian, they are briefed daily on everything that happens in their favorite colony in West Africa and if that is the case, how come Theresa May never confronted Jubril (Buhari) about the killings. Not even the leader of the protestant faith, Archbishop of Canterbury Mr Welby an oil merchant himself turned servant of God and professed friend of (Buhari) Jubril has uttered a word in condemnation of the killing of Christians in Nigeria. These people, Prime Minister May and Archbishop Welby are Western Europeans, therefore civilised Christians and human rights defenders but they never found it in themselves to condemn the killing of their fellow Christians simply because of crude oil.

They will be the first to condemn what they see as Muslim persecution in Rhohinga but when it comes to Christians being butchered in Nigeria, they feign ignorance or deny it altogether. It took a no nonsense President Trump to wake the world up to the reality of Fulani depravity in the British Zoo called Nigeria.

Thank you President Trump. As one of your your predecessors President Harry Truman who chased European colonialists away from Africa did that led to the flag independence we have today in neo-colonial Africa, so will you chase away British neo-colonialism that is directly responsible for the rise of murderous Fulani Jihadi inspired annihilation of Christian populations in Nigeria.




Jihad Attacks on Christians
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What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?