Nigeria and the Reckless Use of Fire Arms by the Military Against the Civilian Population

Written by Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press

In the years gone by and especially in Biafraland, the sound of a gun shot was always regarded as a misnomer and anyone that hears it scampers for safety. It was alien to the people.

In every nation of the world, there exists a reservation of some principles and values that citizens accord some measure of respect. However, in civilised societies, rifles and other weapons of destruction are scarcely displayed and this often enforces disciplinary measures of checks and effective controls, thereby forestalling incidents of deadly riots, accidental discharges and deaths Police officers are by law, barred from publicly handling rifles in the course of their duties in other to foster good and healthy relationships with the civilization population. In the United States of America and other civilised nations of the world for instance, where there exists effective gun control laws, no individual carelessly threatens another with firearms. In a place like South Africa, anyone who firstly points a rifle at his/her fellow(s), risks being shot dead by his/her intended victim.

In Nigeria, an entity of lawlessness, corruption, terrorism and vampirism, lethal weapons (rifles) are rampantly given to humans and used with  brazen animalistic instincts, who lack civility and culture of respect for human value/sanctity. The Nigerian government conditioned the people as useful and free targets to test run newly acquired military arms, ammunitions, armored tanks and fighter jets. Blood ceaselessly flows in that part of the world, with families occasionally losing their loved ones to acts of terrorism and victimization. Nigeria is a place where the best brand of alcoholic drinks are tested and the government freely breeds high profile terrorists against itself and the citizens. Rifles are freely given to home grown terrorists and who get integrated into the armed forces with respective uniforms and without acceptably specialized conventional training. Just show them where the trigger is located, and have the innocent civilian population suffer the consequences.

In an ordinary civilian Summit held on Monday 21st May 2018, in Awka, Biafraland, almost half of the people that converged for the event were combined team of Nigerian armed forces comprising of soldiers and policemen. They were dressed to kill with various grades of assault rifles, armored tanks and fighter jets hovering above the venue. This is indicative of the fact that the so-called leaders of the people do not even trust the people they  are supposedly leading. This happened in a Summit that attracted armless, peaceful, innocent men, women, youths, politicians, professors and business tycoons.

Contrary to what obtains in the contraption called Nigeria, leaders in the civilised world immediately and humbly tender letters of resignation the moment they sense that the people are losing confidence in them. Here, the leaders freely train, hire and move around places with contigents of personal security operatives adequately equipped with assorted rifles of choice.


This is a young man from Biafra with British citizenship. He holds no record of any political office or affiliation. He is an ordinary, easy going and highly enlightened/educated individual who totally abhors injustice and oppression. He lives within his means and is very satisfied. He is a front runner in the Biafra restoration struggle. He commands millions of Biafrans globally as the founder and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Millions of his followers and admirers are even willing any day, any time, to die for him and his cause. He surfaced few years back as a freedom fighter, to liberate his people from the British cum Nigerian imposed shackles of slavery and deprivation of many years. Nnamdi Kanu is a man despite the millions he commands, that moves freely amongst his people with unarmed volunteer security escorts without payments. The Biafran citizens are conveniently sacrificing for him and their freedom just the same way he does for them even with his life.



If the masses can ensure maximum protection for an ordinary citizen like Nnamdi Kanu without weapons, why then couldn't the leaders in Nigeria with high profile ranks trust in the protection of the people they claim to lead?

With the events that transpired in the Nigeria Restructuring Summit at Awka, a couple of days ago, what could you deduce that will be the fate of Nigeria and the evil leaders in Biafraland, should the IPOB global High Command issues out instructions like the Amazonians?

Pitying the moronic stance of some Biafran elites, it is good that Nigeria has irredeemably dug herself in!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



Nigeria and the Reckless Use of Fire Arms by the Military Against the Civilian Population

Reckless Use of Fire Arms by the Military
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What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?