Nigeria: Burning and Looting

Nigeria: Burning and Looting

By Amanda Uzor
For Family Writers Press
30th August 2018

Corruption remains a major concern in Nigerian politics, but political corruption is not only in an election, where individuals and organizations donate huge money to help elect their man who will serve their interests but also after the election. The decision of this government will be dictated by those group of criminals who will ensure no good governance. Its obvious dictatorship is taken hold of Nigeria under a democratic process. The masses are held hostage by this cult. The innocent citizens are prisoners and their crime is being born in Nigeria. Government means looting, oppression, intimidation, killings, and police brutality, hardship and hunger, and never the well being of the common man. Children are yearning, give me the food to grow. The next morning the citizens woke up in a curfew. Private homes and institutions are invaded by the military in a democracy, there's unnecessary military blockade of relatively peaceful states, the people could not recognize the faces standing over them. They said they are not armed bandits, but government forces. How many rivers do people have to cross before they can talk to the boss? Nigerians have really paid the cost, all that they have they seem to have lost, and nothing left.

There is no government. Buhari is a monumental tragedy, while Buhari sings fighting corruption even though being fantastically corrupt himself, his men are busy looting the country to stupor, the grounds heating with constant agitations, and blood wetting the ground all over the country but can't quench the fire. Nigeria is under the tyranny of the majority. The tyranny of the majority is a situation where the majority enforces its will on a disadvantaged minority through the democratic process. Buhari is democratically supported by a majority, therefore, his actions benefit the majority and with no regards to the rights of the rest of the citizens. It is the duty of the government to observe the legal status of individuals and properties even though an average Nigerian doesn't know his or her rights. In a situation where a government means well for its citizens, it will endeavor to make them aware of their legal status in order to understand its importance and know how and when to claim it. Human beings have no legal status in Nigeria.

If the people understand the advantages, privileges, and benefits of 'legal status'  they will support "the Process of Civil Rights to Human Rights movements",  Indigenous status, Confederated Nation, Declarations and


Reparations, each of which is very important for their existence, their position and the position of others and their belongings in the face of the law.

Legal status of individuals is the position held by something or someone with regard to the law. It is a set of privileges, obligations, powers or restrictions that a person or thing has which are encompassed in or declared by legislation.  It's improper to allow Nigeria that operates without a law or a competent court of jurisdiction to continue in impunity as a country? According to the UN projection, the Nigeria population is 186 million and this is where one politician alone can steal $6bn all to himself, starched in a coded account offshore leaving the rest and the future generation hopeless.

Nigeria is polluted with unimaginable atrocities of crime against humanity, yet the world pretends that all is well. Western leaders are visiting a country on fire just for what they can grab, welcome to the corruption of supply and demand. So, never will they speak against the corruption and killings that are ongoing around the country. This heavy conspiracy is working to keep ordinary Nigerians poor. Nigerian youth have lost hope in the Nigerian system. Even a child that will be born in Nigeria in the next fifty years is likely to be born into poverty. Nigerian politicians are a bad influence on the younger generation, they are simply political thieves and the youth look up to them as the only way to become rich and not how to change their status.

For example, if you have the status of a Seminole Indian you would be given 1 million dollars when you reached 21 years of age. This would be far much better than Nigeria's NYSC craps.  Compare that with the status of a 21 years old African, a Negro, Black, African-American who according to data will be born into poverty. If young people can rise up against these looters called leaders starting from abandoning them during the elections and confiscate all stolen assets by demanding answers, where the money comes from, the real change will happen. I think there are enough reasons for you not to go to the poll once again. Why would you go to poll in a looted and burning house, in a madhouse and a constitution drafted without your consent, simply meant to oppress you? Address those concerns first, you are smart, ignore it, a luta continua, but victory not certain.

~Biafra Herald




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