Ndi Nama

Ndi Nama

Just look at that foolishness, AREWA Youths calling for the United Nations to pronounce IPOB AND THE PEOPLE OF BIAFRA TERRORIST. I know they are illustrating because AREWA youths and the people Hausa/Fulani including their Boko Haram are those who are TERRORIST..

Can you or did anyone notice the contradicting statements they are making?

1. AREWA Youths are asking the UN, United Nonsense, to pronounce IPOB terrorist organisation. One can image in what way is IPOB terrorist, after all IPOB won Guinness World Record for non-violence protests across the world.

2. AREWA Youths are asking the UN to grant us referendum to determine our fate. However, UN is not the one to grant us referendum, it is Nigeria government which their brother - Buhari is refusing wanting Biafra to fight Nigeria for it.

3. AREWA Youths said it's our right to agitate - so why should they ask UN to pronounce IPOB terrorist.

 Have you not seen how stupid they are?

What a rubbish. Members of UN or UN Officials are not as foolish as them. UN are well informed of events in Nigeria over the years. Such letter is irrelevant. And by the way who is killing who? Before you can suggest that Igbos are terrorists? Ignorance is not an excuse


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Meaning of Igbo in Nigeria’s geopolitics
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