My Response to All Those Who Think Nnamdi KANU is a Fool

Obodo Johnbosco Chimokwu, You said, I quote!
"We must vote Buhari out", My question is?

Were you (from the South East) the one that voted Buhari in?
Okay, that aside,

  • Why is the number of the states in the South East limited to 5, while other states are minimum 6? You think it’s political?
  • Why can't FG order and make use of INNOSON MOTORS? Just like other nation do, promoting indigenous manufacturers to create employment and economic vibrancy?
  •  Why was SAVANNA BANK destroyed? A bank that was competing with First Bank then.
  • Why was IBETO CEMENT/RICE destroyed? IBETO was doing better than Dangote!
  • Why do people who are educationally less develop be the ones leading you? You think such nation will ever move forward?
  • Why are all the Defence apparatus of this Zoo headed by unintelligent, educationally less developed officers? Men who lack defence intelligence.
  • Why are your {South East} top military officers being retired by force?
  • Why can't Federal Infrastructure be sited in the South East?
  • Why can't there be a "Dry Port in Onitsha” as it is in Kaduna, and by the way who are these importers?

Do you think it’s all by chance?

Please let's think and liberate ourselves and our future before its late.




My Response to All Those Who Think Nnamdi KANU is a Fool

Globally, people are waking up to stop injustice done against their people.

# why do you think Britain want to exit EU?
# why did Eritrea cut off from Ethiopia?
# Catalonia want to leave Spain
# USSR split into pieces 
# Ambazonia want freedom from French Cameron, the list continues

Most importantly, What is Federalism? And why can't it be fully implemented here? Why are the owners of this contraption (Nigeria- Britain's Business Centre) afraid of Restructuring? Have you ever wondered why Britain is afraid of letting Biafra go? Or you think the fight is against the "Sokoto Caliphate"?

It will shock the whole fearful people in Nigeria to know that if Nnamdi KANU do not continue from where Odimegwu Ojukwu stopped in this struggle, there are a million and one more fierce, battle ready, more determined men and women in Biafra land that will take up the cross.

And if anyone thinks Nnamdi KANU is looking for fame, such person should try mobilize just 100 people (without giving them money/food) and see if they will follow.

Biafra MUST be free.
All hail Biafra!




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Meaning of Igbo in Nigeria’s geopolitics
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