Muslim Jihadists and Christian Military

For those of us who so much believed in only prayer and fasting, which is also good, but there are other ways to stay safe in a country full of Jihadists.

If anyone desires peace, he must prepare for war!

“Another word for “Christian” is “Crusader,” or “Crusher.” The Knights Templar or the Order of the Knights Templars were the Christian military wing of the Vatican. When they went to war against Muslim Jihadists for control over Jerusalem centuries ago, they called themselves Christian Crusaders.

The picture above depicts the Knights Templars at war waging a Crusade against Muslim Jihadists. It has nothing to do with binding and casting of any imaginary Satan. Nigerian Christians got it all wrong. When Christians go to war, they wage a Crusade. And when Muslims go to war, they wage a Jihad.

Back then, Christian Crusaders or Christian Crushers fought with Muslim Jihadists, which still continues till date and is codenamed “War in Terror,” but the mainstream media won’t tell you. The Christian Crusader nations of Europe and America, codenamed NATO/Allied



Powers/Western Powers, are fighting a war with the Islamic/Muslim Jihadist nations of the Middle East/North Afrika/Southeast Asia.

In Nigeria, the war has spread there too and this is why Boko Haram which is an Islamic Jihadist military wing in Nigeria is trying to take over the country, slaughtering Nigerian Christians in the Middle Belt to establish an Islamic Caliphate and work its way to Southern Nigeria. But Nigerian Christians who don’t know what is going on (simply because they don’t understand history and all they know is the Bible) are being killed like roosters on daily basis and their pro-Jihadist Islamic Fulani President aren’t protecting them.

Nigerian Christians think the word “Crusade” means “launching a Crusade prayer session/program and fighting Satan/Set with the name or blood of white Jesus/Heru. No. That’s not what it means. As a matter of fact, white Jesus/Heru and S atan/Set don’t exist as real life entities but exist as the higher self (higher consciousness) and lower self (ego) in man. What Crusade means, in the real sense, is WAR. That’s what Crusade means.



Muslim Jihadists and Christian Military

Knights Templars
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