It is now Looking More Likely that the British Government will be Sued Over Amalgamation of North and South (Nigeria)

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22 July 2018

From 1914 to 2018 - It is now over 100 years the Fraudulent Amalgamation Document was signed and while the document was authenticated by stating that after 100 years it will cease, this did not happen.

The British had a similar document signed with China over Hong Kong to relinquish Hong Kong in 1997 to China. The British quickly relinquished Hong Kong to China in 1997 on fear of what would happen to Britain if they don’t relinquish Hong Kong to China.

Today in Nigeria, instead of the British Government to go back to the said document to review it or dissolve the agreement as it is not workable between North and South, rather the British is somehow helping the North, supplying them with all kinds of weapons to slaughter the Southerners in order takeover their land – Perhaps this maybe the main scheme or objective of the British coining the Fraudulent Amalgamation Document in the first place. The North enthused by the British to form all manner of slaughtering groups like Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Miyetti Allah, Hakika, etc., all based in the North targeting Southerners’ Christians to exterminate them and takeover their land.



Mr O. M. Egbujor wrote the United Incompatible Differences: The amalgamation of North and South - Nigerian will be 100 years old next year (1914-2014) through the amalgamation of North and South of Nigeria. This is the merger of incompatible differences forced through the throats of both side, though the North were consulted but the South were not. Divide and rule, British policy is today what it has ever been from origin. Chinua Achibe said that the 'Centre Cannot Hold', can it? Turning and turning in the wilderness, where is Nigeria now? I rest my case. Happy Birthday in advance to you The Amalgamated Nigeria!

The amalgamation has ruined everybody’s life. The life of southerners are in danger because of British schemed amalgamation. The plot at the time is to eradicate all southerners within 100 years but thanking God that some southerners are still existing. It is about time Ohanaeze, Afenifere and other interested groups to investigate and look on suing British Government at the international court for ruining people’s life in South with their deceitful amalgamation.



British Government

It is now Looking More Likely that the British Government will be Sued Over Amalgamation of North and South (Nigeria)

Who signed the 1914 Amalgamation?

Can the the amalgamation of Nigeria be a British deception? Otherwise who signed the document.

Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in 1904 (he was 10 years old when the 1914 treaty was signed).

Obafemi Awolowo was born in 1909 (he was 5 years old when the 1914 treaty was signed).

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was born in 1912 (he was 2 years old before it was signed).

Ahmadu Bello was born in 1910 (he was 4 years old before it was signed).

Michael Okpara was born in 1920 (the treaty has been signed 6 years before he was born).

Who and who signed these papers in 1914 and called it amalgamation of the Northern Region and Southern Region, and that we shall live together as one family without War, Marginalization, Conflict of interest and crisis?

These Nationalists I mentioned above are still sucking breast at the time of this agreement was signed.

You can't mix Red Oil and Palm kernel Oil together to get a good result.

You can't play Jazz and Etigi or skelewu in the club house at the same time and expect a good dance.


Is it that we are learning how to spell Democracy in our country or the teacher does not know how to teach?

Our problems started in 1914 because we don't know who signed amalgamation document. Even their names and intentions for signing the document were not revealed to us.

If the so called imperialists white were those who signed the document, then in the midnight while we were asleep, the cock has crown, we have brushed our teeth, and taken our bath. Our eyes have opened to look for the amalgamation treaty and do something about it.

No Northerner can sleep with his eyes closed in the Southern part of Nigeria and no Southerner can do the same in the North. Inter marriage is a Taboo.

After 100 years we are still importing toothpicks, going abroad for medical checkup, our lucrative cash crops has gone to moribund, Education for all by the year 2050, Unemployment is a baptismal name for graduates, a police officer cannot boast of his work because of vestige of his salary, our Obasanjo Space Center and Satellite Office at Abuja can not trace the location of Sambisa Forest.

And I repeat it again, who and who signed this treaty.


1914 Amalgation

“The Unity of Nigeria Should not be Negotiable but the Unity of U.K Should be Negotiable” – UK

Paul Arkwright 2

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria Paul Arkwright has said the position of the United kingdom has always be in favour of one and indivisible Nigeria.

Arkwright spoke at a public lecture titled Brexit: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria at the Federal University, Lokoja, on Thursday.

Asked about the position of Britain on the groups pushing for independence from Nigeria, the envoy said the UK remained firm in its support for one Nigeria.

According to him, the unity of Nigeria should not be negotiable, adding that the country will be better under one umbrella.

UK conducted Referendum for Scottish people in 2014 and also conducted a referendum for Bristish people (Brexit) in 2016 but denies same right to Biafrans because Biafrans are black people who do not deserve self determination.

Indications however shows that US President Donald Trump strongly believes in the right for self determination for Biafrans and all humanity.


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