It Is A Curse To Serve Nigeria

By I Donald 
12 July 2018

"Whoever serve Nigeria, will always come back in shame"_____Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra. 

Above and below are pictures of Nigeria football supporters club who went to cheer the Nigeria football team in Russia World Cup. They are still sleeping outside the heavy cold in Russia with no means to go back to Nigeria or be given asylum in Russia. Their feeding is in the mercy of passersby.



These useless Nigerians that are stranded in Russian because their useless Nigeria government has abandoned them, some of them may have voted for @MBuhari @PaulTArkwright @MatthewTPage @nlitvin 


According to the Russian NGO Alternative approximately 200 Nigerians are stranded in Moscow and 400 all over Russia. Many of them have been scammed into buying tickets for the trip back that turned out to be fake. 60 spend the last night in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow. Meanwhile the embassy promised to accommodate them for two days. But what is going to happen next? Will the embassy bring them home?

And without the support of "Alternative" their situation would be desperate.


Nigeria football supporters stranded

It Is A Curse To Serve Nigeria

Nigeria football supporters stranded 1
Nigeria football supporters stranded 2
Nigeria football supporters stranded 3
Nigeria football supporters stranded 4
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