Israeli Citizen Writes Passionate Letter to Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu Over Biafra

WAOW! I love this letter: divine rich is also a Hebrew man.

Israeli Citizen Writes Passionate Letter to PM, Netanyahu Over Biafra as He Visits W/Africa 1st Time in 50Yrs:

Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the state of Israel – my country.

I congratulate you on your journey to West Africa. I am proud that we have strong prime minister cause our country needs strong man in our little peace of land of freedom and democracy. As an Israeli citizen I know when you are right and when you are wrong. I have the right to criticize you, to shout at you and to tell you any thing I want to say even if it is something you don’t like to hear. I am allowed to do that in my free democratic country and no one will throw me to jail or take me to trial or limit my free steps. I have all This and more in my free , democratic, independent country Israel. But there are others who don’t.

There are others that stand up for their beloved country , stand up and say what’s in their heart and mind and demand their freedom, demand their justice, demand their restoration, asking for your help, asking to hear your voice loud and clear, waiting for your open support in their legitimate struggle and for that they are thrown in jail, bitten to death in most horible terrible ways that only satanic evil devil can do. You know whom I ‘m talking about. You talked about them and about the genocide of the people of Biafra just recently in our memorial day of our Holocaust. Mr Netanyahu children and parents are being murdered in Biafra every day and as you said it before – the world is quite and does nothing and being hypocritical about Biafra only because of the oil. We knows what is genocide . only 75 years past since our Holocaust.



You know exactly what is  going on in Biafra. You condemned terror and fight terrorism. I want to hear your voice loud and clear and strong in this . the Igbo peaple of Biafra are our brothers from Gad’s tribe. It is our duty to make a stand. To talk loud and clear and give them our help.i want to hear your support in their great great leader, the wise man, the hero, their delivered Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I need to hear it loud and clear.

I need to hear your voice on  that matter. We can’t close our eyes and we can’t turn our back no matter the price we pay . this is your time to do something great to this great nation. I told my friends never take a vow. No matter the reason but I am ready to vow to vote for you , me and my family and my friends and everyone I  know if only you do the only right and honest thing and it’s to declare your support on the struggle of the Indigenous people of Biafra And their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

I am asking you to do this only right thing not only as an Israeli citizen but also as Mrs Rachel Nwosu who is proudly Married to an Igbo man. I am also Igbo. I want justice for my people and I need your help. There is no other time to declare it. You are now in West Africa. This is the time that people will hear your voice and support. I know that your people will read this post. I’m expecting you as strong international prime minister to do it. Thank you. God Bless you.

God Bless Israel. All Hail Biafra. God Bless the people of Biafra.

I am Rachel Nwosu from Haifa Israel. Proud Hebrew Jew, proud Israeli citizen and proud Igbo.

Thanks. God Bless you.





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Israeli Citizen Writes Passionate Letter to Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu Over Biafra

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