Implication of Buhari's (Jubril) Humiliation at the White House:  Education For The Weak &  Ignorant Nigerian

Implication of Buhari's (Jubril) Humiliation at the White House:  Education For The Weak &  Ignorant Nigerian

By Aiden Dillion
2 May 2018

I am grateful for the insight the meeting between Trump and Jubril offered me to critically examine the mindset of those of us that call ourselves IPOB faithfuls. As more facts continue to emerge and reactions to wit, it has dawned on me that after all said and done, your average Hausa Fulani Alimajiri lazy unity beggar is more politically savvy and astute than your average Igbo saboteur residing in the US, Enugu, Abuja or Lagos that litter social media with their ill informed silly comments about how Trump did not mention Biafra. 

These DSS informants masquerading as Facebook Biafra agitators along with their accomplices in Ohaneze Ndigbo and armed with dozens of fake Facebook accounts, have taken it upon themselves to deceive the weak minded, the vulnerable and gullible among us with an intellectually flawed narrative that Trump is not serious about Biafra hence we should abandon the struggle for our freedom.

These deceivers and bare-faced criminals working for the Zoo are once again canvassing a new course of action and direction for IPOB without exhausting the opportunities our present trajectory offers. This is typical of this group of lazy, weak, poorly educated, gossip fueled fake freedom fighters that inhabit the realm of social media. Behind their bogus facade of paper intellectualism lies an empty brain with absolutely nothing in it. This is not meant to be an insult but a statement of fact based on my own objective assessment of their antecedents and newly touted solution to the Biafra question post Trump-Jubril meeting.

The White House meeting also afforded me an opportunity to fully appreciate why Biafra lost the war in 1970. I have been agonizing over these years as to why Biafra did not revert to guerilla warfare at the end of that war. What I have so far witnessed of the reaction of our people over their perceived outcome of the Trump-Jubril meeting has left me in doubt that as to why Nigeria succeeded. Our mental weakness and inability to critically appraise and analyse situations properly is our greatest undoing.

I may have also found an answer as to why our unconventional warfare unit, BOFF (Biafra Organisation of Freedom Fighters) formed out of the battle hardened and legendary 2nd Division of the Biafran Army were not allowed to continue their guerrilla campaign when our then Biafran leader Gen. Philip Effiong signed the instrument of surrender at the end of the war.

Most of us in this liberation struggle championed by IPOB joined the movement without first disabusing our minds of the damaging psyche of  buying and selling. As a people conditioned by the desperate need to survive in a brutal war, we have become accustomed to a hasty mindset tuned to distill only instant results in terms of failure and success. In our quest for a quick result, we lose sight of the bigger picture or become oblivious to potential opportunities that could mature in our favour down the line but which may not immediately obvious. Everything for us is viewed from an instant profit or loss perspective.

The key word to note here is 'instant'. We lack the mental discipline and application to sustain any long term strategy in this fight for freedom. This was the undoing of many Biafra movements in the past and I'm happy that IPOB leadership have now addressed this fatal flaw in our reasoning. Some people afflicted with this buying and selling mentality are now canvassing for PVC just because the Zoo swore in Willie Obiano into office despite our successful boycott as if only one boycott in Anambra State would bring us Biafra. They forgot that sustained campaign of boycott over a period of time will eventually lead to a revolution that will overthrow the existing corrupt order and pave the way for our freedom. Anyway, this piece is not about PVC, that will have to wait for another day.

To these charlatans and saboteurs everything must be viewed from the prism of profit and loss as if freedom fighting is a commodity that can be traded for instant nationhood. They are very poor students of history of liberation movements. Any perceived hiccup is viewed as a fatal blow to IPOB because the outcome is not precise enough to meet their expectations.

Once they erroneously judge an outcome not to be in their favour, they lose focus and direction. They start calling for plan B or an alternative leadership. Some will be shamelessly and openly clamouring for a new approach or will go as far as renouncing their faith in Chukwu Okike Abiama and Biafra altogether. All the antics by these DSS informants and saboteurs are designed to kill the indomitable spirit of IPOB and weaken our morale. Any serious freedom fighter should not listen to them, they have only come to deceive.

Their comments and write ups litter the world  of social media, where they prey on the weak minded 'agitator' poorly equipped with the reasoning capacity to fully appreciate what President Trump did. They have started marketing their counter narrative to make us abandon IPOB and join their sabo work for the Zoo as they did after Operation Python Dance. These traitors and saboteurs pretend they are part of us only to draw closer to IPOB to unleash their evil. They have failed to deliver on their mission to divide IPOB for sums of money they collected from Nnia Nwodo and DSS and are now bent on using their multiple channels of fake Facebook accounts to create doubt in the minds of IPOB faithfuls. What they are now cunningly doing is to give the impression that all our hopes were pinned on Trump who has now failed us which is a lie. My question to them is this, before Trump presidency did we not hope that Obama would help us? Even before Obama, we had hoped that Bush Jr would come to our rescue. None of these hopes were misplaced because its part of strategy not the sum of it. Moreover one of the ways it will take for Biafra to emerge is for a super power to give IPOB backing. 

Most of us in our buying and selling ignorance don't know till date that President George W. Bush did something remarkable for Biafra. When we scream and shout about the UN Charter for the Rights of Indigenous people, who do you think made it possible. I am not saying that George W. Bush had Biafra in mind when he decided to back the charter but I know the work some Biafrans in Chicago did to lobby Susan Rice then. It was President George Bush that forced the UN to ratify the charter on the rights of indigenous people. Sympathetic world powers may not mention Biafra or come openly to hold our hands but what they continue to do is provide us with tools and means, that if well applied will enable us get to the promised land.

Please refer to the clip below which has been circulated massively to draw attention once again to the massive work President Trump is doing for 'Christians' which for me is a euphemism for Biafra and the Christian Middle Belt. Most governments rarely intervene directly to aid secessionist movements. What they do is use the cover of humanitarian assistance to aid oppressed peoples. Don't argue with me, consult your history books.

Buhari through Jubril, gave Trump the perfect excuse to enter the arena. Had Trump intervened when IPOB members were being killed in the past, he would be accused of going against established UN protocol of non interference. Mind you, Britain the true owners of Nigeria will never allow any US president to openly support Biafra. IPOB is not just fighting the Zoo, we are fighting British entrenched hatred towards Biafra.

If you listen carefully to the clip below, you will notice that for once a US mainstream media are tentatively beginning to discuss 'Christian' persecution in the Zoo. That is the first step. What it means is that any more killing of IPOB or Middle Belt Christians by rampaging Fulani terrorist will no longer be ignored by the United States.

Go back and listen carefully to what the lady guest to the program said. She stated that President Trump signed an Executive Order to protect persecuted Christians in Nigeria. Yes, President Trump signed an Executive Order. A written understanding based on that Executive Order by President Trump was what Jubril was signing at the Oval Office not a trade deal. This is something the informants and saboteurs will never tell you because they are brain dead, gossip has eaten the fabric of their thinking faculty. Look at Trump's face in the picture below and the plastic smile that didn't register on his eyes. What you are looking at is a weak and impotent Zoo through Jubril, held at the proverbial gun point and made to sign an undertaking that he will not kill 'Christians' again.

Ask yourself why Lai Mohammed is silent, Garba Shehu seem to have lost his voice and Femi Adelphia can no longer tweet. Every Alimajiri group is up in arms because unlike your pseudo intellectual Igbo freedom fighter selling information to the Zoo, they know the game is up. One more killing and the Zoo is in trouble. According to the lady guest in the video clip below, President Trump called out the Nigerian leader. Do you know what it means to call out somebody? It means public humiliation and ridicule. Unless you understand what calling out means, the importance of what Trump did will be lost on you. Hopefully the informants will take note of the fact that Jubril standing in for the dead President Buhari was called out.

Its unfortunate that in Africa those that attach the letters PhD or prefix their name with Dr. are the most treacherous, stupid and ignorant. Some of them don't understand US English accent hence their inability to decipher what Trump was saying or properly read his body language. IPOB is 100% correct in its approach and what Trump did to Jubril is vindication of that stance. Those waiting for Trump to mention Biafra are ignorant of the forces working against Biafra and the enormous power they wield.

Washington Post and New York Times refused to carry the news of Trump's admonition of Jubril because of the power or money lobbying. The Zoo purchased their silence. It's bribery by another name and the male guest in the video below lamented about the silence of US media giants to the ongoing genocide in the land. Where do you expect IPOB to get billions of dollars like the Zoo to lobby media barons all over the world? The fact that IPOB and Biafra is trending all over world today is down to sheer hard work of its dedicated membership and leadership and above all the grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama. If you think it's easy go and try. As of today, IPOB is number one in the world and indivisible, there is nothing Alimajiri, Igbo informants and Ohaneze Ndigbo can do about it.



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