Impersonation: Why Has Alhaji Lai Mohammed Suddenly Gone Dumb?

Written By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos   
Edited by Joseph Afokwalam

It’s high time you proved the supreme leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wrong with a convincing statement by holding a press conference to address Nigeria and the world. You need to debunk Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's claims about Jubril's saga based on who is in charge of Nigeria's affairs in Aso rock as president. A lot of allegations are pointing towards that direction of presidency especially the upcoming broadcast of the supreme leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to unmask Jubril in Aso rock come on November 2018.

Both Nigeria and the world are eager and also patiently waiting to hear from you as Nigeria minister of information and culture who has been responding very fast to people's comments when it comes to Mohammed Buhari and APC government. The days are accumulating yet no feedback or comments from you, it is quite unlike you. When the IPOB leader re-appeared in Israel, you threatened the state of Israel, "if the IPOB supreme leader is not deported from Israel within 24hours, Nigeria will send missiles to Israel".

This issue of Impersonation is a grave crime everywhere in the world let alone when it comes to impersonating the president of a sovereign state. If this matter is not correctly handled, many reasonable countries will want little or nothing to do with Nigeria, Nigeria will become an isolated country. The present administration of APC is trying to upgrade and nurture corruption, hold the country at ransom and, also deceive its citizens and the world at large. 

The minister of information should issue an official statement as regards to this malpractice with available evidence if the office of information minister is not aware of the charade and government scam. If Lai Mohammed didn't make any useful speech before Nnamdi Kanu unveils the Jubril, the world would concur with IPOB. In fact, it would spell doom and a massive shame to anyone that claims or is still answering Nigerian globally because they will be termed unwise not to notice such cheap intended manipulation on them. Gullible Nigerians should know by now that Fulani cabals own Nigeria after the upcoming exposure come November 2018. 
In Biafra, we stand. For Abia writers.



Impersonation: Why Has Alhaji Lai Mohammed Suddenly Gone Dumb?

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