Igbos Can and will Stand as a Prosperous Country Ready to Compete with the Best in the World

Nearly 50 million Igbos can and will stand as a prosperous country ready to compete with the best in the world. Nigerian state is anathema to the progress of a contiguous Igbo nation or call it Biafra. 

However I don't mean Biafra of a mini Nigeria that includes unwilling minds that will retard the progress of Ndi'Igbo by continuously trying to pacify some group thus slowing down the competitive nature of an average Igbo. I want Igbo-only country. We are a positively proud and a confident people.

I don't want a country with a people who wants to be fed without putting up an effort. I don't want a country where standard must be lowered to accommodate a group. An average Igbo is not afraid to compete with any other Igbo. On the contrary, the unwilling minds instead of competing with Igbos will rather label us domineering due to their complex. 





Nigeria is a retrogressive state that abhors progress, she loath merit rather prefers mediocrity. This is the reason you have a near illiterate Fulani, Muhammadu Buhari as the President when you have Prof. Barth Nnaji, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Dr. Muoghalu, and other millions of cerebral Igbos that can match the best anywhere in the world. 

There is no sound intellectual argument that is totally convincing on why Ndi'Igbo can't stand and become a prosperous nation.

Nigeria is killing the potential of Ndi'Igbo to soar and compete with the developed world.

Copied From Ogechukwu Abia Facebook Handle.




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Igbos Can and will Stand as a Prosperous Country Ready to Compete with the Best in the World

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