In Igbo language ya can mean a person, the person, his, hers or it can equally mean him or her.
Like other words in Igbo Language, when ya is used, the item or the name of the thing should be said first

For example in English: This is John’s hand
In Igbo you would say: aka John

In English: This is his hat
In Igbo: Okpu ya

In English: Leave him
In Igbo: Hapụ ya or rapụ ya

In English: Leave him alone
In Igbo: Rapụ ya aka or hapụ ya aka

In English: Her name is Ngozi
In Igbo: Aha ya bụ Ngozi

In English: Give him food
In Igbo: nye ya ri

In English: He should Come in
In Igbo: ya bata

The above is to demonstrate how “ya” is used in various sentences.

Now what do I mean by the following:

aka ya This means his or her hand (if you look at the human parts, aka means hand)

moto ya This means his or her car (if you look at motor vehicle, moto means car)

nye ite This means give pot (if you look at names of items you will see ite as pot)

Mazi Obi bata (ya bata) This means Mr Obi should come in or he should come.

azu ya This means his/her or their fish and can equally mean his or her back.

uwe ya This means his or her clothe

nye ya na John azu This means give him, her or them and John fish

Clearly you can see how “ya” is used in various sentences and how important it is in Igbo Language.



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Learn the Use of “ya” in Igbo Language